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Privacy policy

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Total Seo Service always strives with all the passion and ability to bring you the best experience from the service we provide. Confidentiality of your personal information is our top priority. The source of our customers’ private personal information will be stored on our server and guaranteed to be highly confidential

By signing a contract to use the services of General Seo Services, customers have accepted all of our business information privacy policies.

We will always update the privacy information when there is any change in the policy on this information page, in order to notify customers and ensure the interests of customers.

The following is the privacy policy of General Seo Service

The source of information that General Seo Services will collect from customers

After you agree to use the services of General Seo Service, we need you to provide the following information:

  • Basic information about the business: Company name, address, email, phone number, field of business/activity,….
  • Personal information of business owners: Full name, phone number, personal email, ….

A. General Seo Service collects information from businesses for what purpose?

Use business and personal information sources to establish and manage data archives. We will review and promptly handle arising situations during the cooperation between the two parties (if any).

B. To what extent does Total Seo Services use information?

Create an account, website, … to provide our services to customers

Send reports, notices about activities and exchange information during the time you use the service

Prevent bad behavior, destroy, take over users’ accounts or fake customer activities

Customer care, contact advice and answer questions for customers

In cases where there is a request from a competent state administrative agency

C. Term of information source storage

We will store your information on our servers indefinitely. In order to take care of customers, review information. We will delete data upon request from the customer

D. What personnel or organizations may have access to the information?

Customers will agree with us that, in necessary cases, the following agencies, organizations and individuals will have the right to know and collect sources of personal information including:

  • Company management board
  • Related 3rd parties if specified in the terms of the contract
  • Groups of companies organizing events and sponsors (if any)
  • Departments of state agencies, if competent
  • Financial and legal advisor – audit firm
  • Can the complaining party prove that the consumer’s behavior has been violated?

D. Information about the unit that collects and manages information

The above information includes contact methods for the purpose of answering questions, complaints, consulting services according to customer needs.

General Seo Service Company

Address: 33 Street No. 1, Ward 11, Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone number: 0787336260

Email: [email protected]


E. How do customers access and edit personal data sources as well as company information?

Customers can access and edit personal information by themselves through the website link we provide. You can also contact the project manager to request adjustments

Customers have the right to submit a complaint to the administrator if there is an incident related to personal information such as disclosure of information to the outside, unauthorized use of information, …

Channel for receiving complaint information

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Phone number: 0787336260

How does Total SEO Service protect your information?

The General Seo Service only allows a small number of employees in charge of your project to have access to personal sources of information and we always ensure that employees only use information within the scope of their work. assigned

In addition, your information source is protected by the system

  • Firewall
  • Encrypt the data

How does the General Seo Service use the information provided by the customer?

Overall Seo Service always puts prestige – responsibility – professionalism on the top, so we are always careful and thoughtful to bring a good service experience to our customers.

  • Maximum and timely support in cases where customers need support on service packages at General Seo Service
  • Verify customer information provided in necessary cases
  • Inform customers of attractive promotions, useful events from our side for customers
  • Statistics, measuring work performance and service quality
  • Preventing illegal acts, contrary to regulations – policies of state agencies

Situations under which General Seo Service is required to provide customer information

We are committed to keeping information confidential for our customers. However, in some specific situations we are required to provide information:

  • When signing the contract, the two parties have agreed in writing to authorize the third party to have access to the information source.
  • General Seo Service provides information to 3rd parties who are planning partners to perform optimal work, complete the work set out in the service package provided.
  • General Seo Service is requested by the competent authorities to provide relevant information
  • In case of emergency, prevent criminal acts that cause damage to business owners

Responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by the customer

You are responsible for the source of information that you have provided to the Total Seo Service. We will not be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided

You can correct the information yourself at any time or request that it be corrected.

Above are some privacy policies of General Seo Service, if you have any questions, please contact us with the information below. Thank you very much for your trust and confidence in our Total Seo Service

General Seo Service Company

Address: 33 Street No. 1, Ward 11, Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone number: 0787336260

Email: [email protected]



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