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Payment policy

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Payment and refund policy

The refund policy will include the time period for the refund, the methods of returning or exchanging the service package, the way to get the refunded cost, the service fee for the return work.

After the General SEO Service has agreed and signed a contract with the customer. Refund, compensation and cost recovery policies will be agreed upon based on the signed contract for performance. In each service purchase and sale contract, we will clearly mention this term to agree with our customers

Obligations of both parties: Seller – Buyer in each signing and transaction activity

Seller’s obligations: General SEO Service Company

Obligation to advise and guide on all specific sources of information about products/services that the company provides to customers. To help customers understand, capture detailed information and make purchasing decisions

After the buyer proceeds to pay the seller. Total SEO Service Company will provide digital products/services to the buyer on time and in the quantity as agreed and initially committed.

Answer questions, complaints and difficulties in the process of using the service by the buyer

Provide a full range of documents and licenses related to the buyer’s payment/payment to the seller. Specifically, such as invoices / vouchers / receipts,… with the total amount ordered by the buyer during the usage period.

Obligations of the buyer: ie customers, service users

Strictly comply with the agreed things according to the process and regulations related to the service package specified by the seller

Pay on time and in full to the seller the amount according to the order and with the specified invoices and documents if any

Support and provide full service-related information to the seller upon request

The overall SEO Service payment policy is currently being applied

To register to receive advice from leading experts in SEO services, brand promotion, series of Digital Marketing courses,… You need to provide us with the following information about the email address [email protected]

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Industry of activity

The steps are completely free. Simple to do and doesn’t take too much of your time

In addition, you can also visit our office directly at 33 Street No. 1, Ward 11, Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City for service advice and direct payment instructions.

Overall SEO Service Company would like to thank our customers for taking the time to pay attention to our services and courses. For more convenience in payment, you can choose one of the following payment methods:

Form of payment: Bank transfer

  • Account Holder: Nguyen Ngoc Truong
  • Account number: 0011004329363
  • At: Vietcombank Bank

Method of payment in cash

You can go directly to the company and make payment

General Seo Service Company

Address: 33 Street No. 1, Ward 11, Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone number: 0787336260

Email: [email protected]


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