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What is Traffic? Simple and effective website traffic breakthrough tips

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Traffic is an important indicator of a website when doing SEO or Online Marketing. So do you understand what the term Traffic is ? And how to break traffic to help the website increase rankings and conversion rates? Follow the article below.

Find out what traffic is and how to increase website traffic

What is Traffic? Learn how to break through website traffic

What is Traffic?

Website traffic is an SEO term to describe the traffic of a website. The goal is to know the number of users visiting and active on the website. Traffic or high traffic is a good signal in SEO.

Each website will have different traffic depending on the content of that website. News sites, blogs will often have higher traffic than online sales sites.

Learn what website traffic is in SEO

What is Traffic? Website traffic concept in SEO

Traffic is one of the indicators of success in increasing revenue and developing website brand.

Specifically, traffic brings these 6 benefits:

  • Shows the user’s interest in the website.
  • Increase website ranking.
  • Increase the reputation of the website..
  • Increase conversion rate.
  • Brand coverage.
  • Increase sales opportunities.

Learn website traffic – Types of website traffic you need to know

Basic types of website traffic

Website traffic is calculated every time a user visits. Simply put, the main website traffic is equal to the total number of sessions of that website. Users accessing the website from many different channels should be divided into different traffic sources.

Referral Traffic

Referral Traffic is the traffic of users from other websites to your website through backlinks or ads placed on that website. These backlinks and ad sites act as an introductory page for your website.

Referral Traffic trong Google Analytics

View Referral Traffic on Google Analytics

For example: I posted a job posting for the position of SEO Leader on the Career Builder website with a job description link linking to my website. When someone clicks on this link and comes to my website, it’s called Referral Traffic.

The more links to your website on popular sources, the more people will visit and know about it . Backlinks can be added in posts, comments, emails or user signatures, etc.

Besides, instead of spamming links, you should use quality backlinks linking to your website to increase credibility and avoid being penalized by Google.

Social Traffic

Social Traffic is user traffic through an article or advertisement that links to your website on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter,…

Social channels bring a lot of traffic to the website

Traffic channels come from Social

The conversion rate from Social Traffic depends on the activity and interaction of the business on social networks. One solution that works best for you: Create a highly interactive community to increase the number of participants .

From there, you can get a large amount of traffic coming from this community. This is also a very good source of traffic for your website.

Direct Traffic

Direct Traffic is the traffic of users that go directly to your website by directly typing the URL into the search box or clicking on a previously saved bookmark without going through any channels.

Direct Traffic makes up a relatively small portion of total conversions. However, it is extremely important. Because it is an index showing:

  • Loyalty level.
  • The level of business trust from users.
  • Users are well aware of your business.

To increase the amount of Direct Traffic, you need to actively market both online and offline factors.

Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic is the traffic of users accessing your website through Google search results rankings.

Organic Traffic - Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic – Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic depends a lot on the ranking of the website on the SERPs with different keywords to help expand the business scale for businesses.

Therefore, to improve the visibility of your website, you need to optimize individual pages and the entire website with the following criteria:

  • Keyword research
  • Optimizing existing pages of the website
  • Add quality blog posts
  • Marketing widely on many channels

This is a long and laborious process, but the results are amazing.

Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic – traffic coming from PPC or Paid Search includes customers accessing your website through any type of paid online advertising

For example: Facebook Ads, Google Adwords,…

You can control customer traffic through Paid Search using various parameters. This type of Traffic has the disadvantage that it is quite expensive, especially in the commercial sector, running out of money means no conversions..

Google Ads is also an effective traffic channel

Search Traffic through Google Ads

Traffic coming from Facebook Ads

Traffic coming from Facebook Ads

Advertising on Youtube

Advertising on Youtube

Email Traffic

Email Traffic is user traffic coming from links in Email Marketing. This is one of the popular marketing channels and is applied to take better care of customers.

Email marketing used in potential customer care

Email Marketing is a channel used to take better care of customers

Email Traffic is counted when a user clicks on the link contained in the email you sent them. Here are some ways to optimize email to increase Email Traffic:

  • Optimize subscriber list
  • Grow subscribers organically
  • Email personalization
  • Attractive email subject
  • Quality email content
  • Clear call to action

Website traffic testing tool

Tool to check traffic on your own website

To check the traffic of a website, first make sure that your website has been indexed and indexed by Google. Thanks to that, users can search for your website information on SERPs.

If you are the owner of a website, you can use the following 2 tools to check website traffic.

Google Analytic

Google Analytics is a free online tool that allows users to track website metrics such as traffic, traffic channels, and traffic sources. In addition, Google Analytics also displays user behavior on your website.

The functions of Google Analytics in tracking traffic include:

Real-time reports on the number of users on the website, what pages they are on, what source and geographical location.

Real-time reporting of the number of users on the website

Real-time reporting of the number of users on the website

Besides, Google Analytics also allows you to track the number of users entering your website , the number of new users as well as their sessions and pageviews.

Report the number of users who have visited the website

Report the number of users who have visited the website

In addition, Google Analytics can detail website traffic statistics including users, new users, number of sessions, bounce rate, average duration of each session,… by day, month, year Specifically.

Traffic on the website by each specific channel

Traffic on the website by each specific channel

In particular, Google Analytics also allows you to check the flow of user behavior . You can get pageviews, bounce rate and average time per page with this function. From there, you can know which parts need to be improved, which content to focus on to retain users longer.

Track the flow of user behavior on the website

Track the flow of user behavior on the website

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool that Google provides to help you maintain, monitor, and fix website related issues on Google’s SERPs. Unlike Analytics, Google Search Console only statistics organic traffic. In addition, do not load any other source.

In addition, Search Console also allows you to track user traffic to your website in the “total user clicks” box.

User Traffic on Google Search Console

User Traffic on Google Search Console

Here, I will show you how to track traffic on Google Search Console:

Step 1: Go to Google Search Console and click on Performance.

Traffic check interface on Google Search Console

Traffic check interface on Google Search Console

Step 2: Choose a traffic check date range

Select the traffic check date range

Select the traffic check date range

Step 3: Click on “total number of user clicks” to check website traffic.

Website traffic is the total number of user clicks

Website traffic is the total number of user clicks

In addition, Google Search Console also supports you to check specific traffic for each specific page, day or country,…

Traffic check interface for each page on Search Console

Traffic check interface for each page on Search Console

User traffic by country

User traffic by country

Device-specific traffic “desktop”

Device-specific traffic “desktop”

Check user traffic by criteria

Check user traffic by criteria

Tool to check traffic of competitor websites


Ahrefs is a famous tool in SEO used to analyze backlinks, monitor and check website traffic. This is a tool chosen by many SEOers as well as website administrators. However, Ahrefs is a paid tool, the cost will be proportional to the number of features you can use.

The 3 key metrics you can track in Ahrefs include:

  • Organic Keyword: The total number of search keywords in the top 100 of Google.
  • Organic Traffic: Traffic coming from SEO with keywords that are in the top 100.
  • Traffic Value: The cost to pay for organic traffic such as the current location from Google Adwords ads.
Traffic check interface from Ahrefs

Traffic check interface from Ahrefs


SimilarWeb is a more complete website Traffic testing tool than Ahrefs. SimilarWeb has a limited paid version, you can try the Free version before buying the paid plan.

SimilarWeb allows to check the following Traffic parameters:

  • Number of users accessing the website.
  • Traffic sources by country and by sector category.
  • Referrals Traffic is the source of traffic that is visited from other websites to your website.
  • Search Traffic includes organic search and paid search.
  • Display advertising is the main source of traffic from display advertising.
Traffic tracking interface on SimilarWeb

Traffic tracking interface on SimilarWeb


Alexa is one of the most popular paid traffic testing tools. For professional webmasters, this tool is especially useful because it provides a lot of indicators for analysis.

The outstanding features of Alexa include Referral sites, Audience overlap, website popularity (based on visits and page views within 90 days).

Check traffic on Alexa tool

Check traffic on Alexa tool


SEMRush allows you to see what users are searching for and how much traffic those keywords bring. From there, you can check which keywords compete between your website and your competitors or which keywords bring in the most traffic to your website.

Traffic Checker SEMRush

Traffic Checker SEMRush

Traffic Estimate

Traffic Estimate allows you to monitor traffic for free on any domain. Therefore, you can monitor the traffic of your competitor’s website at any time and devise a strategy to increase traffic to your website.

Monitor competitor website traffic with Traffic Estimate

Monitor competitor website traffic with Traffic Estimate

A simple way to increase traffic to your website

How to break through Traffic for effective website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The best source of website traffic is Organic Traffic , ie traffic coming from SEO. If your website ranks high on the SERPs, the organic traffic will definitely increase a lot.

So how to SEO your website to the top search positions? The process of SEO to help increase website traffic that I am about to talk about here only revolves around 3 factors: Keyword Research, Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO . Stay tuned, I’ll tell you more about each element.

SEO is one of the most natural ways to increase website traffic

SEO is one of the most natural ways to increase website traffic

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Keyword research

Keyword research is the first step in promoting SEO to help increase keyword rankings on search engines. There are many typical keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner .

Onpage SEO

The process of SEO a keyword starts with Onpage SEO . It is about creating a fresh and useful content, optimizing meta, description, keyword density .

You can also insert images, internal links and external links into posts. Your ultimate goal is to get Google to come to your site and find as much related content as possible.

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Offpage SEO

The SEO value of the website will increase if it receives backlinks from many other websites. The more quality backlinks, the higher the website is ranked by Google. So, if you invest a lot of effort and time in quality backlinks , you will definitely succeed.

>>Refer to the article: Offpage SEO technical guide to promote effective SEO

Building community on social networks

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, … are the platforms that bring quality traffic to the website. This is one of the most attractive communication channels for you to interact with your target customers in the most natural way.

Increase traffic through building a social network community

Building a social network community is also a natural way to increase traffic

To build a social network, you first need to research the personas of people who love your brand. From there, you can build the social platforms they often use.

Social media is not a new strategy, but it is still an element that marketers look to. The key to a social network’s success is early adoption of its new features. In addition, besides posting on social networks, you can take advantage of other features such as Instagram stories, Live Video, Facebook Messenger, … to generate more traffic for the website.

I will share with you the secrets to building effective Social Media:

  • Content homogenization of social platforms
  • Add attractive photos and videos
  • Add hashtags to make your posts easy to find
  • Choose the right site to post content
  • Copy the article link to share and submit

Run Google, Facebook ads

Online advertising on Google is considered too expensive for small businesses. However, Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a perfect solution. With only a low cost, you can reach your target customers easily.

Tips for you about advertising on Google:

  • Should set a maximum budget to pay
  • Define standards for the target customer group
  • Set only target audience groups to see this ad

For SEO, it takes a long time to see results. During this time, paid Google ads (PPC) are a great alternative to increase website traffic . Combine both SEO and PPC to help your website quickly grow traffic and appear on the top of Google search.

Google Ads to increase website traffic in the short term

Google Ads is a method to help website increase traffic in a short time

Unlike PPC paid advertising, Facebook ads do not cost too much to implement. You just need to set the maximum budget, determine the right audience to target and their interests.

Moreover, social network facebook is now very popular and users are of different ages with diverse interests. So, this is a very effective channel to pull your website traffic .

Facebook ads help the website reach a large number of users

Facebook Ads do not cost too much to reach a large number of potential customers

Building blogs

A blog that provides information, not including product ads will be very helpful for readers. This will be a great strategy to increase website traffic . I advise you to build your own blog, attract readers with fresh, attractive content.

Then skillfully point the link to the main website, surely your website will increase a large amount of quality traffic. Trust me!

Building a blog with useful content is also an effective way to increase website traffic

Build a blog with useful information to drive traffic to the website

I will suggest you strategies to build engaging blog content for readers:

  • Build a blog with a clear theme
  • Complete important information to make the blog stand out
  • Upload beautiful images, attractive and related videos
  • Create fresh and useful content for readers
  • Regularly post content for the blog

Book newspaper

Newspapers bring the following benefits:

  • Promote brands and products on a wide range
  • Increase brand awareness and memory with customers
  • Reach your target customers easily
  • Building trust for customers as well as partners
  • Attract Traffic to your website
Choose reputable and relevant newspapers to increase quality traffic for the website

Choose a reputable and relevant newspaper to book and bring quality traffic to the website

The process of booking newspapers is very simple and easy to do, you just need to follow these steps correctly:

  • Prioritize choosing reputable and relevant newspapers in your field
  • Find out the required content of an article when published in the newspaper
  • Make an outline and complete the content of the book
  • Adjust the content after it has been edited
  • Review the last post
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Email Marketing Strategy

Marketing experts all acknowledge the power of Email Marketing in driving traffic to the website. To have an effective email marketing strategy, you first need to build a list of customers.

Then, build your email content so it’s relevant to your customers’ desires and start creating a campaign. Finally, monitor and improve the campaign for optimal effectiveness.

Email marketing is a very useful traffic channel

Email Marketing has great power in driving traffic to your website

What you need to do now is to make good use of the Email Marketing tactics that I guide below:

  • Use a beautiful email theme
  • Create a free ebook now
  • Use non-annoying pop-ups, the frequency is 20-30 seconds
  • Use pop-ups to ask users to register
  • There should be an email subscription section at the end of every blog post
  • Quality content that solves customer problems
  • Use a strong CTA, with a link to your website

Create a youtube channel (Video Marketing)

Using video in marketing campaigns is a popular trend today. With the growth of Youtube, the great success of Facebook Live Stream , shows that video is a very potential promotion channel. You can use videos to attract users to your website by creating a Youtube channel.

Use Youtube to attract potential customers to visit your website

Youtube is also a potential channel to attract customers to visit the website

To create a youtube channel that increases traffic to your website, you can follow these steps:

  • Create a Youtube channel related to the field of the website
  • Regularly upload videos
  • Summary of video content under the description
  • To link information, the guide points to the website in the description
  • Set a catchy video title

Attractive and useful content strategy to increase website traffic

A useful, engaging content strategy must provide the right content with user insight , which means that it must accurately answer the questions that users search on google.

Besides, the content must be unique and regularly updated . This is an important factor if you want to keep users long on your website.

SEO is not a one-time setup and never update task. Even if you already rank well for your target keyword, competitors may try to “steal” the top spot. Google can also “downgrade” your rankings if your content becomes outdated. Therefore, you need to keep your content fresh to maintain rankings on Google.

Content needs to provide useful content for users

Content provides the right content with user insight

An impressive content must have a very attractive title, an attractive opening to retain and lead users down to the content below.

In addition, the content needs to be represented by many different elements such as images, videos, infographics , … to attract users’ eyes. In addition, you should monitor, analyze and evaluate to improve the content on the website with new creations.

Find out how Google searches are affecting website traffic

Frequently asked questions about Traffic Website

What does website traffic indicate?

Web traffic tells the website owner how many visitors or visitors are participating in a session on the site. Tracking this information may not seem important, but it does include knowing what your website needs to improve and the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Why is website traffic important?

Website traffic is important for many reasons. The more people view your website, the more potential customers you will have. The number of visitors to the website becomes the number of opportunities a business has to make an impression, generate qualified leads, share the brand, and build relationships.

How to track who visited the website?

Google Analytics may provide some information about who is visiting your website via Reports. Reports in Google Analytics store Service Provider data to show which service provider visitors are using to access your website.

What is the quality of the traffic?

Quality traffic is the result of providing the right content and experiences for visitors. Only with well-defined marketing and business goals can you measure the quality of your traffic. Traffic, leads generated, engagement, and sales are some of the ways companies measure the success of their websites.


Above are my sharing about what traffic is and how to increase traffic for the website. Hopefully you will have a better overview of traffic and have a specific direction to increase quality traffic to your website.

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