Trang chủ Content SEO What is SEO Content? Guide to building effective SEO Content

What is SEO Content? Guide to building effective SEO Content

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When starting to enter the field of online business and building a website, businesses cannot ignore an extremely important factor that is Content SEO. Accordingly, in any SEO strategy, Content always plays an extremely important role, even a decisive factor for the success or failure of the project.

So you have understood correctly what SEO Content is? What types of popular SEO content do you need to know today? This article will give you detailed answers!

What is Content SEO?

What is Content SEO is one of the common questions asked by many people when they are just starting to learn about SEO and Content Marketing.

Simply put, Content SEO is content on the website, built and optimized by businesses to appear on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing,… Content SEO will revolve around a specific keyword and then deploy it. publish into articles and meet the search needs of users. Types of search engines also rely on that to rank websites on the search results page.

What is SEO Content?

What is SEO Content?

To dig deeper, we will analyze two important factors, SEO and Content, as follows:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means search engine optimization, so that users can easily find your website in the search results bar.
  • Content: Is the content that revolves around the topic of your website. This information is often received by users, helping them to solve the problems they are facing.

After considering the above two important factors, you must have found the answer to what SEO Content is. But SEO Content does not just stop at the literal meaning, but there are many other things you need to pay attention to.

Relationship of SEO and Content Marketing

To most fully answer the question “What is SEO content”, we should probably consider the relationship between search engine optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing. In fact, these two factors always go hand in hand to create the best value for your website.

Build search engine relevant content

Building SEO Content means you have to understand search engines, thereby publishing quality articles that both meet human search needs and satisfy Google’s algorithms. This means that you are not only creative, but also have to be creative according to the principles of keywords, article layout, …

Of course, you also need to understand that not having to include as many keywords is better, or that the longer the article is, the higher the ranking of the website will be. In addition, you also need to deploy articles according to each specific field or topic, so that your website can reach search engines and users more easily.

Continuous content updates

This is one of the key factors driving the success of SEO. In addition, constantly updating new content, meeting the search needs of users, also helps the website increase traffic, increase the chance of being at the top of the search results page.

In addition, quality built content also helps improve Authority Score, thereby boosting SEO for the website.

Relationship between Content Marketing and Content SEO

Relationship of Content Marketing and SEO

Steps to implement SEO Content effectively

This is also an issue that receives a lot of attention when learning what SEO Content is. In fact, the actual implementation steps will depend on each company’s strategy. However, in general, to implement SEO Content effectively, you must implement the following 6 basic steps.

Choose a theme

To do SEO effectively, businesses understand that it is not possible to focus only on certain keywords. Instead, SEO-er needs to build article keywords by topic, which not only makes it easier for us to manage, but also helps create useful and valuable content for users. Accordingly, when choosing a topic to implement SEO Content, it is better to optimize for big keyword phrases and topics.

Identify target keywords

At this step, the SEO-er must do valuable keyword research, related to the industry and field in which the business is doing business. Moreover, these keywords must ensure to target the right audience.

Deploy the article

Content SEO today is not just articles that apply rigid techniques to match the Google bot. Moreover, quality SEO content needs to satisfy the needs of people to find information, and at the same time, it must be friendly with search engines. To do that, SEO content needs to possess the following elements:

  • Useful (Useful)
  • Relevant (Relevant)
  • Fragmented Content (Slightly)
  • Fresh (Fresh)
  • Unique (Unique)

Optimized for users

In this step, you must conduct research and sketch out the target audience you are aiming for. What is their behavior and mentality? From there, build content suitable for these audiences.

Share on social networks

Social media is one of the important channels to help attract a large amount of traffic to the website. From here, your website will improve the conversion rate and revenue.

Analyze and evaluate Content SEO

The goals of this step include:

  • Study successful strategies, then develop them.
  • Improve and optimize old SEO Content, articles that do not receive as much traffic as expected. Or because the implementation is so old, out of date that some new ideas need to be added.

This step requires SEOs to evaluate and verify the effectiveness of Content SEO. Factors to evaluate include social shares, comments, conversion rate, page views, etc.

Guide to implementing seo content

How to implement CONTENT SEO effectively

The most popular types of SEO content today

Product Page (product page)

The Product Page is one of the biggest attractions of any e-commerce website. Accordingly, the product page can be both Content SEO and PPC Content.


Blogs are one of the most commonly implemented content types with standard SEO article techniques. This type of content is also a place for businesses to increase their credibility through professional articles, with knowledge in the field. With Blog Post, the website is also more likely to attract more links than the product page.


This type of SEO content is usually articles, interviews or featured articles. Article SEO content often appears on press-oriented websites.

Guide (Guide)

This type of content usually explains to the user how to do something in detail. It can be all or just part of the excerpt, and then ask the user to fill out a registration form to continue reading the full content.


List SEO Content is intended to describe a series of Blog Posts or articles presented in a list format. The title is usually numbered, for example “Top 10 Popular SEO Content Types…”


Video helps a website increase its competitiveness as well as an important element in an SEO strategy. Accordingly, video is considered a form of SEO content that helps attract more user traffic instead of just plain text. In particular, the content about the manual you should consider creating videos to promote SEO.


Infographic is understood as visual content that contains a lot of data about a single topic. Data can be charts, graphs. This type of SEO content helps your website rack up views and links.

However, Infographic has the disadvantage that it is difficult for SEO, search engines cannot read your content.


Slideshows are a form of SEO content that features a series of images, sometimes even more important than text. With this type of content, you must optimize the title, headings, captions, image files, etc. Otherwise, search engines will reach the content you are trying to convey.

Glossary of terms

It is safe to say that more users have done a search of terms on Google than using a dictionary. Popular terms are usually about the fields of fashion, cooking, healthcare, architecture, etc. If built with quality, surely SEO glossary content will bring a lot of traffic. significant access to your website/

Directory (Directory)

Content SEO bibliography is defined as a useful classification of links to websites around a certain topic. This type of content is commonly used in the education – training industry.

Types of SEO Content

Types of SEO Content are popular today

Detailed and effective SEO Content optimization guide

Questions about what SEO Content is often come with knowledge on how to optimize SEO Content effectively. Therefore, in the following content, we will share with you 12 specific steps to optimize SEO Content effectively.

Optimal keyword research

Currently, there are many tools that can help you research and plan SEO keywords such as Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs,… Use these tools and software to research and search for a list. Valuable keywords, related to the industry and field in which the business is doing business.

Make the title catchy

The title is the first factor that helps users decide to click to visit a certain website. At this step, you need to pay attention to the number of characters, usually the title should only be about 45 to 55 characters. In addition, make sure that it is attractive to both search engines and users.

Write a description tag

Meta Description translates as the description tag is a short paragraph of about 140 characters, located below the title on the search results page. Accordingly, you must ensure that the description tag contains keywords, summarizing the general information of the article. Of course, you should also build an attractive description tag, because this is a decisive factor in user behavior.

Use headings

Heading in Content SEO are the headings in the article, ranging from Heading 1 (heading) to Heading 6. Try to use headings intelligently, so that users can easily reach them. information in the article, and help Google read the article.

Natural and reasonable keyword distribution

Keyword stuffing is a discouraged strategy when implementing any SEO content. Instead, try to distribute keywords in a reasonable and natural way in the article, avoid stubbornly stuffing keywords, violating Google’s algorithm. Instead, use secondary keywords that are synonyms or related to the topic.

Image optimization

Images are an important element to help your content be less boring, readers can visualize your content specifically. At the same time, this is also an important factor to help supplement information for Google bot.

For the best image optimization, you should use exclusive images, with the brand’s logo attached. Images need to use Alt, describe the image briefly and contain keywords, the image needs to be named.

Optimizing article length

Not that the longer the post, the better, instead your article needs to be of the right length, neither too little nor too much.

Link Building

There are two types of links in a website: internal links and external links. Specifically, Internal linking is a way to place links on the same website, whereas external links are links to other websites and resources.

Put yourself in the user’s shoes

The main purpose when building SEO Content is to meet the search needs of users, help them solve a certain problem. So, try to put yourself in their shoes, what is the trend of entering keywords, thereby developing better articles.

Optimized for mobile devices

Many websites are often underestimated by Google because they do not have a mobile version. So, consider and design a mobile version of your website.

Share on social networks

This step helps to increase website traffic from social media sources such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,…

Build an editorial calendar for Content SEO

With a Content SEO editorial calendar, you can determine when to publish new content, be more proactive in content creation. Avoid the case of being stuck with ideas and not updating new content for a long time, affecting the website.

Guide to optimizing effective seo content

Guide to optimizing SEO articles

FAQs What is SEO Content?

So you already know what SEO Content is. Now let’s go through the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

What is standard SEO content?

Standard SEO content is content that is built to satisfy users and satisfy SEO optimization techniques. Thanks to that, Google can crawl and index the content that the website is providing.

When will Content SEO be effective for the website?

This depends on many different factors. But in general, if well optimized, Content SEO will be effective after 3-4 months after implementation. On the contrary, it takes you 6 to 1 year to see the effectiveness of Content SEO.

Does an article bring traffic to the website and sell?

One article is not enough to drive traffic to the website. Instead, you have to constantly update content for your website to be able to stabilize traffic.

How often should new content be posted?

There is no basis for determining how long to post once. But to stabilize traffic and develop your website, you should update at least 2 new posts a week.

Should the content be unique on every page?

This is necessary so that users do not get bored while reading your article.

What keyword density is appropriate?

Adhering to a keyword density will sometimes lead to the article being stuffed with too many keywords, making the article unnatural. On the contrary, you should implement the article and distribute the keywords naturally.

In short, when learning about what SEO content is and how to implement SEO articles, you should focus on great content with the right keywords, the website structure should also be friendly with the Google search engine. Thereby bringing organic traffic, improving brand awareness for users.

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