Trang chủ Content SEO What is Phantom Keyword? The secret to breaking traffic with Phantom Keyword

What is Phantom Keyword? The secret to breaking traffic with Phantom Keyword

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What is Phantom Keyword ? How to break through thousands of website traffic in just a few steps with Phantom Keyword? Is it really so? You need to know that what is natural is good, both for your website and for your customers. So what is this method?

How to find Phantom Keyword

Instructions on how to find the best Phantom keyword

What is phantom keyword?

Phantom Keyword is also known as ghost keyword . These are keywords with very little information on Google, Youtube, … but have a very high search volume. So, if you use Phantom Keyword well, your website will have the ability to go to the top and bring a significant amount of traffic.

Find out what is Phantom Keyword

What is phantom keyword?

Phantom Keyword can bring higher profits and revenue than the main service and product keywords.

It’s a pity if you ignore these “ghost keywords”!

However, keywords alone are not enough. You need to organize Phantom Keywords into Phantom Topics . That is, optimizing ghost keywords according to certain topic clusters. Because SEO by Topic helps Googlebot and users better understand the content of your website.

Benefits of Phantom Keyword

Articles containing Phantom Keyword are likely to go to the top. So what will this benefit your website?

Benefits of Phantom Keyword

Benefits of Phantom Keyword

Do you know?

When the website goes to the top, it will bring a significant amount of traffic , which means more people will visit your website.

You should consider Phantom Keyword as a bridge between users and your website. Users will go to the article containing the Phantom Keyword and be able to click to other articles on your website.

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On the other hand, when implementing Phantom Keyword, you are turning your website into an Authority Site .


Phantom Keywords are all informational keywords. Users search for keywords that contain the information they need, and you are in the Top. This helps to increase the credibility and recognition of your website on search engines.

From there, it is obvious that traffic will continue to flow to the website in the future.

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Instructions on how to find Phantom Keyword

Find all keywords related to your niche

Go to Ahrefs > Enter product or service name > Matching Terms to see all keywords related to the field you want to search.

Find all keywords related to the field

Find all keywords related to the field

Filter difficulty and word count of Keyword

You need to choose keyword difficulty (KD) equal to 0 (to=0). If your website has been implementing SEO for a long time and has a trust level, you can increase the difficulty. Then click Apply to execute.

Next is the word count. I recommend you choose word count from 3 (from=3) . Then select Apply.

Finally, you just need to choose Export to export this report file to excel.

Filter keyword difficulty

Filter keyword difficulty

Filter the word count of the keyword

Filter the word count of the keyword

Filter Keyword by SERP Features

After exporting the report file, you should delete unnecessary columns to make the file more visible. You delete all and leave the columns: Keyword, Difficult, Volume, SERP Features, Parent Topic .

Filter keywords by SERP Features

Filter keywords by SERP Features

Next, you sort the SERP Features column in order from AZ. For the lines of ads, you leave, leaving only the Site links line . After filtering is complete, you can delete the SERP Features column too!

Filter duplicated keywords

To filter duplicate keywords, select the Keyword > Data > Remove Duplicate column

Make sure there are no duplicate keywords left!

Then, filter the volume in order from high to low by selecting the Volume column and using the Sort and Filter feature in Excel.

Once sorted, you will see irrelevant keywords and continue to remove them.

Next, you filter by letter in the Volume column using the Sort and Filter feature in Excel and continue to delete irrelevant keywords. Please pay close attention to not delete the wrong Phantom Keyword !

Filter duplicated keywords

Filter duplicated keywords

Finally, double-check to see if there are any related keywords that you have not deleted and proceed to delete them all. So you have a summary sheet of Phantom Keywords to deploy.

Phantom Topic group

In this step, you just need to group related Phantom Keywords into Phantom Topics . Each topic will represent the user’s search intent.

The topics are divided as follows:

  • Gắn keyword topic cluster
  • Attach keywords to appropriate topics

You can choose the important topics to deploy first and not necessarily deploy all topics. Depending on the time and the goal, choose the appropriate deployment topic.

Choose a topic with a suitable allintitle

After you have grouped Phantom Topic , you need to create an extra column in excel called “allintitle” . When you search with Allintitle on Google, this means you are looking for results where the title contains that keyword.

Search syntax: allintitle:keyword

Keyword search with allintitle

Example of searching allintitle to pick up Phantom Keyword

The allintitle index to determine if the keyword is Phantom or not is < 500. However, if your website already has a trust level before, it can be expanded to 1000, 2000 or 5000 depending on the website’s strength.

If your website is newly deployed, you should choose allintitle < 500 or < 100 to easily get to the top.

Traffic estimate

Once you have the Phantom Keyword set , your task is to estimate the traffic . The goal of traffic estimation is to predict the amount of traffic that will be achieved after implementing this set of Phantom keywords.

From there, strategize to deploy Phantom keyword for each SEO stage accordingly. To estimate traffic, you should use the Ahrefs tool.

Put the keyword Phantom into Ahrefs , then look at the traffic column of the top 5 competitors. Estimated traffic will be the average of the traffic of the top 5 competitors . Please enter this estimate in the excel file.

Estimated Phantom keyword traffic

Estimated Phantom keyword traffic

Finally, deploying content for the target Phantom Topics.


  • You need to remove unusual keywords, unsigned, unusual keywords
  • The above analysis data may not be correct compared to the current time

How to use Phantom Keyword

With Phantom Keyword , you can apply directly on Money Site or cultivate power on PBN and SEO Backlink satellite pages . The longer you nurture, the stronger the PBN will be and the more you maximize the flow of Link Juice to your Money Site.

Here is how to use Phantom Keyword to bring high efficiency to the SEO process:

Calculate Keyword Golden Ratio

Keyword Golden Ratio is also known as the golden keyword ratio , it is the ratio for you to choose which keyword is the best (Volume Search is okay and has few competitors).

If you find these keywords and produce content based on those keywords, then your article can rank at the top within hours or days of publication.

The rate of golden keywords is appreciated by these factors:

  • Helps increase traffic for new posts.
  • Narrow down the list of keywords, pick out the words with high search volume.
  • Calculation data is not publicly available on Google.
  • Helps avoid the Sandbox algorithm.
What is Keyword Golden Ratio?

What is Keyword Golden Ratio?

Keyword Golden Ratio is calculated according to the following formula:

KGR = Keyword’s search volume on Google / monthly search volume

Note: Search volume < 250

Then compare the KGR ratio with 3 levels:

  • Good: < 0.25
  • Medium: 0.25 – 1
  • Ineffective: >1

Choose keywords with KGR < 0.25 from the beginning to test the effectiveness by many people.

Optimize Phantom Keyword according to Phantom Topic

You should combine Phantom Keywords with each other or with keywords to strengthen the content. That method is called SEO by Topic ( Phantom Topic ).

Optimize Phantom Keyword by topic cluster

Optimize Phantom Keyword by topic cluster

Let’s say you have 2 Phantom Keyword with 300 and 800 search volume per month. If you combine these two keywords in one article, the article will have up to 1,100 searches per month.

Onpage SEO optimization for articles

Phantom Keyword is also an important SEO strategy. I recommend that if you have searched for Phantom Keyword, then spend time optimizing the article for high SEO efficiency.

SEO Onpage Phantom keyword articles to rank top Google

Onpage SEO is one of the factors that help articles rank top fastest

Onpage factors you need to pay attention to:

  • The title contains the article keyword
  • Optimize URLs by main keyword
  • Optimizing keywords in Heading and sub heading tags
  • Internal link and External Link to reputable sites

Don’t forget to submit the URL in Google Search Console to quickly index your new articles!

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Building a silo structure to create a unified theme

When building a Silo structure , you need to find at least 4-5 Phantoms corresponding to 5 posts. Make sure the articles are related to a big topic!

After you have published and optimized Onpage for articles, you need to link the articles according to the silo structure. Since Phantom articles are so easy to get to the top, it’s likely to push the articles you link to these Phantom articles to the top as well.

It is recommended to build Phantom articles according to the silo . structure

Building Silo Structures for Phantom Keyword

Note: Please link back and forth for the keywords you want to promote. From there, Google can understand the relevance and distribute the Link Juice power evenly between the links.

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Set up IFTTT to automate backlinks

IFTTT is a backlink automation tool that makes link building easier. This is a tool used by many SEOers to automate thousands of backlinks.

Just a few steps to set up and you have dozens of reputable backlinks in seconds.

IFTTT backlink Backlink Automation Tool

IFTTT – Backlink automation tool

Notes when searching for Phantom Keyword

In today’s fiercely competitive market, competitor analysis is more important than ever. Phantom Keyword is an SEO strategy you need to build on no matter what niche you’re working in.

However, analyze the competition but do not focus too much on the competition. That means you should focus on your strengths and differences .

Phantom Keyword is one of the important SEO strategies that a lot of people overlook. Hopefully through this article you can understand what Phantom Keyword is and its importance. Follow the best practices on “ghost keywords” that I have shared, and you will surely achieve your goals in both Top and Traffic as you desire.

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