Trang chủ Onpage SEO What is Meta Title? Instructions for writing standard SEO title descriptions

What is Meta Title? Instructions for writing standard SEO title descriptions

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What is meta title ? Meta title is one of the important Onpage SEO factors that determine whether users click on your website? However, many people skip the meta title optimization step. That’s not good for both users and Google. This article will show the importance as well as guide the steps to optimize meta title in SEO.

What is meta title?

Learn the title meta tag

What is meta title?

Meta title is the HTML element that specifies the title of a web page. Title tags show up on search engines (SERPs) as a clickable title that produces a certain result.

Meta title is the HTML element that describes the title of a web page

The title meta tag is an HTML element that specifies the title of a website

Display position of meta title 

Title tags show up on SERP

The title tag displays the search engine results SERPs of website visitors . A website with a good title is the deciding factor that users will visit your link.

Title tag on website

The title tag displays at the top of the web browser , helping users access information on the Internet. A unique title is the key to keeping people from skipping over your content.

Social media headlines

External websites such as social networks will use the title to identify the page content you share.

Websites like facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Line,… all have their own meta title tags. Specify a different title tag than the main title. It allows optimizing each website, providing the best title for your website.

Optimal Formatting of Meta Title

Main Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand name

Optimal title length

Meta title length is usually displayed in the range of 50-60 characters. If the optimal title is less than 60 characters, about 90% of the title will display properly.

Why is the meta title tag important for SEO?

Title is one of the factors Google ranks in SEO, which is the deciding factor of CTR and user’s next action.

Meta title determines the number of clicks of a web page

Meta title determines the amount of CTR of a web page

Meta Title is an important factor for search engines to understand what the web content is. In addition, a good title will attract the interest of the reader. From there, the website’s traffic increased dramatically.

>>More hints: Instructions on how to set the right meta description to promote SEO

The criteria of a standard SEO meta title

A good meta title helps increase CTR effectively. At the same time, the keyword ranking as well as the website’s traffic source will increase. Here are 7 criteria to create a standard SEO title.

Suggestions on how to choose Title from Google Search Console Center

Meta Title fully visible on search results

The optimal length of a meta title is from 65 – 70 characters which is equivalent to about 512 pixels. If it exceeds the number of characters, your title will show a “…” and the user will not see or understand the content and will not click on the website.

Meta title SEO standard and non-SEO standard

Example of a standard SEO title and non-SEO standard

The number of characters in the meta title of the industry is not the same, to determine the exact number of characters for a certain SEO field, follow these steps:

  • Type a keyword related to your field into the search engine.
  • Find the title with the “…”
  • Copy the title to the docs file and then count the number of characters with the command “Ctrl + Shift + V” and you will know with this keyword, the maximum meta title is how much to have the most appropriate writing.

Note: The title displayed in the phone and desktop interface is not the same, so when setting the Title, it is necessary to optimize for both versions.

How to check SEO Title:

  • Check titles on popular and convenient pages through a number of tools such as: Yoast Seo, Seoquake, Screaming Frog, Website Auditor .
  • With utilities such as: Mozbar, SEO Analysis & Website Review by WooRank, META SEO inspector, SEO META in 1 CLICK

If you own a WordPress website , you can check the meta title with simple plugins like:

  • Yoast SEO (free and paid versions)
  • All in one SEO pack (free and paid versions)
  • Rank math
  • SEO press
  • SEOPressor (paid)
Check Meta Title with SEO plugin

Check Meta Title with SEO plugin

Each URL has only one unique title

With this criterion, the best title you create must be unique , not duplicated with other titles SEO title must be unique, now google will understand your page is unique, with new content unique, useful for users and google will also index your page faster.

SEOer needs to avoid putting generic, boring titles such as: “category”, “article”, … google will understand as duplicate and users will not click on your page.

If you use duplicate title tags, you’ll see them in Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tools reports. Usually you will find that search engines have chosen to ignore the title tag and use other content it finds in your article..

Keyword appears first in Title

Readers often read from left to right from top to bottom, so prioritizing the top keyword will attract attention and thereby increase your click-through rate.

If the title does not mention the words related to the original question, the user will not pay attention to your page and will click on another page. Another reason why you should put your keyword first is so that when the results show up, it won’t obscure important content.

The main keyword should appear first in the title

Prioritize keywords that appear first in the title

Title accurately describes the website content

A good title should accurately describe the content on the web page . Use a short but informative title.

If the title is too long, Google will only show part of the title or create an automatic title in the search results. The headers may display differently, depending on the user query.

In this age of technology, there is so much information on the internet that users cannot click on all search pages and read each article.

Therefore, SEOs must create an attractive meta title for readers to click on your page, not another page.

User-oriented article title

An important user-oriented approach is a white hat SEO method. A title that does not mislead users but also provides useful information will certainly make their experience the best.

Do not try to stuff keywords into the title SEO makes the title confusing, not responding to the user’s search query. This will cause Google to evaluate the article as poor quality and users will skip your site and click on another title that is exactly what they want.

SEO title catches the attention of users

A good meta title can convey the message in the most positive and accurate way.

Here are the instructions on how to create a compelling meta title for any niche

  • Put odd numbers in the title
  • Use special symbols such as capital letters, quotes or brackets
  • Use curious words like secrets, facts, etc.
  • Provide scientific evidence: Ministry of Health talks about COVID19, WHO talks about virus strains in Ho Chi Minh City,…
  • The title mentions time and money: Losing weight in 1 week with only 500k,…
  • Use comparative phrases: double, best, best.
  • Let’s exaggerate what you’re talking about: Don’t watch… if you don’t want to…
  • Use free words: free download APP REMINI
  • Use action words: Quickly register…

Also using the following words also makes your Meta title more attractive: Best, secret, top, golden rule, most, secret,..

You should write the title so that it is attractive and attracts the reader

Meta title attracts the user’s attention

Mention benefits rather than features

The final insight of customers when searching for keywords on google is to solve their problem. An attractive and most interested headline is to mention the customer’s benefits more than to mention the product’s features.

Suggestion formula for writing the most effective SEO title


How to write this title is that you have to give consequences and harm if customers do not read or follow the things in the article mentioned.

Instructions on how to

It is a fairly common title, especially with topics such as cooking instructions, food instructions, etc.


Toplist titles such as: “top 15 nightlife places in Saigon” This type of title is interested by many people when they want to get more information. With such a title, the content of the article will remind to food places, amusement parks…

Question format

With this type of title, content writers like content will exploit to the fullest extent because it is really highly effective. Question meta titles are usually easier to create than other titles.

Formula “Secret”, “Truth”

With this title should give customers secrets, skepticism causes curiosity so they have to link to. To create a title like this, you should add the words: truth, secret… in the title.

Using idioms, proverbs, folk songs, folk songs

The inclusion of idioms and proverbs in the title will create a sense of familiarity , closeness, evoking emotions, and impressing readers.

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Above is the knowledge about what is Meta Title and instructions on how to optimize the standard SEO article title. A standard SEO title will be a key factor to help the website rank well and attract a lot of traffic from users. Hope the article will bring you a lot of useful knowledge.

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