Trang chủ Onpage SEO What is Meta Description? Instructions on how to write good descriptions for SEO

What is Meta Description? Instructions on how to write good descriptions for SEO

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Meta Description is an Onpage SEO factor that plays a very important role in reaching target customers. So what is Meta Description and how to write a description that is SEO standard? This article will provide from AZ knowledge about Meta Description.

Guide AZ how to optimize meta description SEO standard

Learn about meta description tags

What are meta tags?

Meta tags , also known as Meta Tags , are pieces of text that describe the content of a web page. Meta tags do not appear on the web page itself, but only in the source code of the page.

Meta tags are basically small content descriptors that help search engines know the content of a web page.

Types of Website Meta Tags

Types of Website Meta Tags

There are 4 common types of Meta Tags:

  • Meta Keywords: describe a range of keywords the page is related to.
  • Meta Title: The text that describes the title of a web page. This is the text you will see in the SERP and at the top of your browser.
  • Meta Description: is a short paragraph describing the content of the web page.
  • Meta Robots: instructions for search engine crawlers to crawl the site.

What is Meta Description?

The Meta Description is an HTML element that provides a brief 155-160 character summary of a web page. The description tag is displayed below your website on the search results page (SERP) to help users and search engines better understand the topic of your website.

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Code to declare Meta Description in HTML

<meta name = “description” content = “Paragraph content”>

Optimal Meta Description Length

Technically, the description tag can be any length, but Google typically truncates snippets to around 155-160 characters. Therefore, you should keep the description tags long enough, preferably between 50 and 160 characters .

The optimal length will vary depending on the situation, and your mission is to provide value and drive website clicks.

Optimal Meta Description Length

Optimal Meta Description Length

Does the Meta Description tag affect search rankings?

Google has announced that neither Meta Description nor Meta Keyword affect Google’s ranking algorithms. However, the Meta Description can impact a website’s click-through rate (CTR) – one of the factors that increase rankings on SERPs.

These short descriptions are an opportunity to promote the content for users to decide if the content is relevant to the query and contains the information they are looking for.

Meta Descriptions can help drive clicks, traffic, potential conversions, and revenue by:

  • Increase a site’s CTR in SERPs: There have been years of studies that show that well-written and properly optimized description tags help increase CTR.
  • Higher Quality Traffic: The higher your rank, the more likely you are to get clicks, thus resulting in higher quality traffic.
  • Potential Conversions: A well-written Meta Description that is closely related to the website’s theme, interesting to the user, and optimized for user intent can significantly increase potential conversions. Web’s.

Because meta descriptions have an indirect impact on search rankings and have a significant impact on user behavior, it is very important to write good, engaging, and impressive descriptions.

How to write SEO standard Meta Description

Instructions on how to write Meta Description in just 5 easy steps

Meta Description length up to 155 characters 

Normal Meta Description tags will be of any length. However, you should convey the full message and keep the description tag to a maximum of 155 characters. Ideally 120 characters to fit the mobile interface.

Sometimes, Google even adds the article’s publication date, or review, or even lists the article’s headings in the Meta Description. Therefore, you should also deduct these cases.

Your main goal when writing meta descriptions is to increase clicks on your post. Therefore, try to convey the most important and engaging information in the first 120 characters.

Publish date appears in site description

The post publication date appears in the Meta Description

Meta Description is not duplicate

The description tags on your website need to be different , not the same as the descriptions of other websites to avoid causing confusion for users.

Meta Description should be directed to users, not search engines. If you leave the description tag blank, Google will automatically get a snippet containing the keyword in the article to display.

Google says that exactly the same or similar descriptions on every page of a website won’t help when such individual pages appear in search results. Create an exact description of the web page that contains it.

Use a positive and engaging voice 

If you see the description tag as an invitation to your site, make sure the Meta Description doesn’t have any hidden or confusing words . Let people know what they can find on your site.

Use an understandable voice in the Meta Description

Use a positive, friendly, easy-to-understand voice in the description

The description tag with the invitation is friendly, concise, easy to understand, the words are carefully selected and highly persuasive will be a plus point to attract more clicks to your website.

Highlight your brand identity

An optimal form of marketing that reaffirms a distinctive identity or brand commitment. This meta description is often used on home pages.

Call to Action – CTA

Meta Description is a piece of text that helps you sell . Invitations like Learn More, Get Now, Free Trial are very helpful to increase clicks on your posts.

The description tag contains a call-to-action

Meta Description with a call to action

Use focus keywords 

If the search keyword matches part of the text in the description tag , Google will tend to use it and highlight it in the search results. Google sometimes even highlights synonyms.

This will make the link to your website more attractive. Therefore, using the main keywords in the Meta Description will help users want to visit your website more.

Partially matched keywords in the description show up on the SERP

Keywords that partially match in the description will stand out in the search results

Show specs

If you’re selling products to tech-savvy people, you should focus on specs . Include manufacturer, price, model, etc. If a customer is specifically searching for that product, these information can trigger more clicks.

Match the content of the website

The right description for the website content is one of the important factors. Google will find out if you are using Meta Description to trick users into visiting your site. Google may even penalize you if you do that.

Besides, unclear, misleading descriptions will also increase the bounce rate. This will reduce users’ trust in your website. That’s why the Meta Description should match the content the article is referring to.

Do not use quotes in Meta Description

Google will omit the description in quotes used in HTML when the description appears on the SERP. Therefore, you should remove non-alphanumeric characters from the Meta Description . If you must insert quotes, you can use HTML instead.

Use Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets are currently being used quite commonly on many websites. This is a piece of information displayed in the form of images, review ratings, stars,…

Rich Snippets make the website more prominent and users have a more realistic experience . Images or reviews will encourage users to click on the site more.

Use Rich Snippet for Meta Description

Use Rich Snippet for Meta Description

Offer special offers

This is a great form of advertising if you have some promotions or offers. The more offers you offer, the better.

Meta Description contains special offers

Offer special offers right in the Meta Description

Unique creative meta description 

Creativity is always a leading factor in any field. Short, creative description, in just a few characters, but evokes a feeling of excitement and curiosity for users.

Frito-Lay's unique creative description

Frito-Lay’s unique creative description

With just a simple and short sentence, users can realize the value from Frito-Lay “We make the best snack on Earth and enjoy it when eating”.

How to add Emoji to Meta Title and Meta description

In addition to complying with Google’s guidelines, creating attractive and attractive content, adding Emoji to the Meta Title and Meta Description makes your content more prominent . Since then, the number of clicks has also increased significantly.

In addition, adding Emojis also makes your Meta Title and Meta Description more attractive and impressive. The dry, rigid content when adding Emoji will become softer.

Therefore, Emoji is one of the factors that bring many positive changes to the website, helping the website to increase its ranking on the SERP.

In general, adding Emoji is also very simple. You just need to copy the desired Emoji and Paste it where you want to place the Emoji, as simple as using regular text. Try it out, Emoji really work a lot!

Is Meta Description Necessary for a Website?

Frequently asked questions about Meta description

Does Google use Meta Description as a ranking factor?

Google says that although we sometimes use Meta Description for the snippets we display, we still don’t use the description tag in our ratings.

How to check the Meta Description tag on a web page?

If you want to find out if a site is using the Description meta tag, simply right-click anywhere on the page and select “View page source”. A new tab will open in Chrome. The section at the top, or “head” of the page, is where the meta tags are located.

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Above is all the knowledge about what Meta Description is as well as how to write standard SEO descriptions that attract thousands of clicks and more. Without a description tag, you almost miss an opportunity for potential customers to notice your website. Therefore, learn and optimize the most standard, best and most attractive Meta Description to attract more customers to visit your website! Good luck!

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