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What is Link Juice? How to optimize the flow of power of the website

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Link Juice is a fairly common and widely used term in SEO. However, many SEOs still do not understand what Link Juice is and how it works. This article will answer all about Link Juice and show you how to maximize Link Juice effectively for your website.

The knowledge about Link juice you need to know

Overview of Link Juice in SEO

What is Link Juice?

Link juice is a term used to refer to the strength of external or internal links within a website. In other words, Link Juice is like the flow of power from one site to another through links with the “Dofollow” attribute.

Find out what is link juice

What is the concept of Link Juice?

For every link pointing to the website, a Link Juice will appear. So that means the flow of power will increase as more links point to it.

There are many direct or indirect ways to increase links pointing to your website. For the direct way, you can use strategies like link building, document sharing, social media marketing, Guest Post, etc.

Besides, you can also increase the power of your website in indirect ways. For example, creating excellent content for the website. Thanks to that, readers can read and share on social networking sites easily. This will create natural and quality links for you.

Learn the power flow of Link Juice in the website

The link value that passes from these pages to your site is called Link Juice. And this Link Juice varies in authority depending on the pages linking to you.

How Link Juice Works

Let’s say you have 2 websites A and B with the same ranking factors. But site A has a link while site B has no link then site A will be ranked higher. Because site A gets Link Juice from another site linked to it.

If site B also has a link, what happens? This also depends on the strength of Link Juice that each link transmits. I will explain it to you shortly.

Example: Site A gets 4 links from external site and site B only gets 3 links. All of these affiliate sites receive Link Juice from other sites and are of equal strength.

How Link Juice Works

Describe how Link Juice works

Site A gets more links than site B so more Link Juice will go to site A. Therefore, site A is likely to rank higher than site B.

I’ll take another example that shows Link Juice transmission happening in 2 directions. Sites that link to site A have links to many other sites as well. While sites that link to site B only link to site B. What happens in this case?

Link Juice associated with 1 page will have more power

Link Juice will have more power when only linking to one page

For this case, the percentage of Link Juice that site B receives will be higher than that of site A. Therefore, site B is likely to rank higher on search engines.

Sculpting Link Juice

Surely you’ve used nofollow links to protect against loss of Link Juice through outbound links, right? This is called Sculpting Link Juice. For dofollow links (as opposed to nofollow links), the Link Juice flow will be evenly distributed among links to other websites.

Sculpting PageRank is often used to manage outbound links by adding the nofollow attribute. This means that Link Juice will not propagate through nofollow pages, but will pass directly to other links.

Crafting PageRank

Crafting PageRank

In fact, this method is used to prevent Link Juice from spreading to spam comments and links on blogs. For Internal links (internal links), instead of controlling them with the nofollow attribute, let the Link Juice flow naturally.

Source Link Juice obtained and distributed within your website makes internal pages as well as homepage popular on search engines. This helps increase PageRank for the homepage.

Quality Link Juice Sources

  • The site is in the top SERPs.
  • Website with related content.
  • The site has a high PageRank.
  • The website has quality content and carries a lot of value.
  • Pages with user-generated content.
  • The site has few outbound links.
  • Websites are mentioned frequently on social networks.
Quality Link Juice Sources

Quality Link Juice Sources

Sources should not get Link Juice

  • Sites are not indexed.
  • The site has unrelated content.
  • The website already has a link to your website.
  • Website with many links
  • Website is not rated or has no content.
  • Links you pay for.
  • Links are obtained by exchanging links.
Sources should not get Link Juice

Sources should not get Link Juice

How Websites Get Link Juice

Create Internal Links

One of the most potential sources of Link Juice right on your website is Internal Link. For Onpage SEO, Internal Linking starts with keyword research. Make a list of keywords that you are targeting for your website. Then, find a list of websites that correspond to those keywords to find the most valuable website.

Internal Link is a very potential source of link juice

The potential source of Link Juice comes from Internal Link

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Tools to help get Link Juice

  • SEO Review Tools: This is a tool that helps you see the domain name and PA index of that website. In addition, it also shows you the total number of external links pointing to your website. This tool will assist you to view 10 pages at a time.
  • Small SEO Tools: This tool supports free multi-function with more than 100 different tools. They are responsible for checking article copyrights, website rankings, checking SEO indexes for websites, word processing, checking backlinks, checking keywords, helping Google submit websites quickly.
  • Open Site Explorer: SEOmoz’s free tool helps you check and research your competitors’ links. In addition, this tool also helps you analyze and compare competitor websites with yours.

Get Link Juice

Place the link to the target page using anchor text. Be careful when using anchor text as the exact keyword because Google may think you are spamming the keyword. Therefore, it is best to use synonyms or LSI keywords to avoid this situation.

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Besides, you should remove outbound links to optimize Link Juice. Because the value of a page will be divided equally by the total number of links of that page.

How to Maximize Link Juice

Link juice is an important factor for a website to rank high on search engines. Therefore, maximizing Link Juice is essential. This process consists of two parts: maximizing the existing Link Juice and earning more Link Juice.

Maximize Link Juice with Internal Link

A lot of SEOers ignore the Link Juice group coming from Internal Link without knowing this is the most potential source of Link Juice. To maximize Link Juice, you need to create a list of keywords and LSI keywords that are relevant to your website content. At the same time, you must create other pages related to those keywords.

You can use the site: or intext: syntax to search for related content. The links that appear at the top of the list you search for are the high-value ones.

Remember not to use the same anchor text for different web pages. Because Google will think you are spamming and undervalue those sites. Also, you should consider removing less relevant links from high value pages to avoid diluting Link Juice. Use the Check My Links Plugin to search for links on a page.

How to get more Link Juice for website

Besides Internal Links (internal links), External Links (external links) are also considered an important factor for Google to rank websites. Every External Link to your website shows that your content is valuable and appreciated by users. At this time, your website will receive the amount of Link Juice from these External Links, increasing the power of the website.

So, how to build a good amount of backlinks? This is a difficult and out of control business. However, you can try the following ways to increase the number of backlinks for your website.

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Learn about the Linkjuice flow power of outbound links

Add Hreflang tags for international sites

There are many websites aimed at audiences in many different countries. Therefore, you can use a separate language for each country, or you can translate the content to suit all users.

The Hreflang tag is responsible for providing a signal to search engines to determine the language of that website. For different versions of the site, adding the Hreflang tag helps Google Bots understand the format of each version. From there, Google will rank the website higher on the search engine of each language.

The Hreflang tag is responsible for identifying the language for each website version

Add the Hreflang tag to define the language for each version of the site

Alternatively, you can also add the Hreflang tag to sitemap.xml. This will provide a single file for search engines to all pages and their other versions.

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Link Reclamation

Link Reclamation is the process of finding and repairing old links pointing to your website. You can use Site Crawl or Index Coverage included in Google Search Console to search for URLs with 404 errors. Alternatively, you can also use Ahrefs to search for links to this page.

Link Reclamation can search for URLs with 404 error

Link Reclamation can search for URLs with 404 error

One thing to note for you. These links should not be redirected to the homepage or other unrelated pages. This will cause Google to see your homepage as almost 404 errors and affect the overall conversion rate throughout the website.

Linkbait content – ​​Skyscraper technique

Linkbait content is the creation of special content to attract links to increase Link Juice for the website effectively. The generated content is useful and makes users want to share. This is called the Skyscraper technique.

Writing useful content - a Skyscraper technique to attract link juice to the website

Skyscraper technique – write useful content to attract website links

Overall, this tactic is quite simple. The article needs to ensure 3 elements:

  • Content Expansion: Listicles are a very engaging and easy to create type of content. You can create a large, comprehensive list and bring it closer to the user. You can also include more details or examples to add value to the article.
  • Update Content: Your article is valuable at the time. But it may become obsolete at another time. Therefore, always update fresh and useful content to attract users to your articles.
  • Beautiful presentation: Users are easily attracted by the visual elements and beautifully presented. Therefore, the illustrations will be a plus point for your content.
Listicles - a type of content that attracts users and effective link juice

Listicles are a type of content that is very user-friendly and easy to create

If your content meets all of the above criteria, it will automatically be well-reviewed and ranked by Google’s algorithms. As such, Link Juice increases a lot and brings better opportunities for you.

Participate in the public

Once you have quality, useful content for your readers, your hardest job is to find a way to reach the community to build quality links.

Research your opponent

First, use the Open Site Explorer tool to find the sites your competitors are pointing to. Remember to ignore forum pages and directories!

At this point, you will have a list of sites including:

  • Websites related to your industry
  • Sites on the same topic as yours
  • Sites with links to similar content

Then use the tool I mentioned above to find the best site to generate the most valuable links.

Write email

Create a common template when sending emails to make your outreach easier. Make sure your email is not a sample email. This may affect your outreach in the future.

Frequently asked questions about Link Juice

How does Link Juice increase the natural ranking of the website?

As your site ranks higher, the chances of search users clicking on links to your web pages will also be higher. This will increase traffic to your website. More traffic is proportional to more profits, thus ensuring higher and better returns on all your investments.

How to get link juice?

Link juice comes from external links (also known as hyperlinks or backlinks) to your website. You can earn more backlinks through the following methods: Create unique, unduplicated content and become the number one source of information on a topic.


Link Juice is a very important element for the website. It is not only the flow of power of the website but also a measure of the value and perception of users about your brand and reputation. Hopefully through the article you will better understand what Link Juice is and how to increase the quality of Link Juice for the website. From there, your website will become more reputable in the eyes of both Google and users.

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