Trang chủ SEO Basic What is Google index? Instructions on how to promote Google to index URLs faster

What is Google index? Instructions on how to promote Google to index URLs faster

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What is Google index ? This is a familiar term in the SEO world and you must have heard it many times. But do you really understand this term as well as how to optimize it to help Google index faster? This article will explain the effects of slow indexing as well as how to quickly index website URLs. 

What is Google index? How to help Google index quickly?

What is Google Index? Instructions on how to quickly index website URLs

What is Google Index?

Google Index is the process of collecting, analyzing data and displaying it on Google’s search engine. To be more precise, Index is the process by which Google Bots scan and evaluate websites based on the content that users are searching for.

Index is the way Google scans and evaluates the website

Index is the process by which Google scans and evaluates websites

Sites that are not indexed are not included in Google’s database. As a result, search engines cannot display these sites in search engine results pages (SERPs).

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How to check website URL has been indexed by Google

You can easily check if your website’s URL has been indexed by Google through the following ways.

Check Google Index through Google Search Console

You can paste the URL you need to check Index into the URL checking tool on Google Search Console. There will be 2 cases: URL has been indexed and URL has not been indexed.

The results show URLs that have not been indexed

The results show URLs that have not been indexed

The results show the URL that has been indexed

The results show the URL that has been indexed

Check Google Index with “site:url” syntax

In addition to how to check the Index with Google Search Console, you can also check by going to Google and entering the URL with the “site:url” syntax. The pages on the website that have been indexed will show up in the results. If the returned result is null, it means that the URL has not been indexed.

Let’s say you want to check how many web pages have been indexed on the CNN website. You need to go to Google Search and enter the syntax “”. At this time, the results will return the number of pages on the CNN website that have been indexed by Google.

Number of pages that have been indexed by Google

Number of pages that have been indexed by Google

Use SEOQuake to check Google Index

SEOQuake is a completely free SEO plugin that integrates with browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. This is a useful tool for SEOs to collect data related to Onpage optimization. The operations with SEOQuake are also very simple, even SEO beginners can use it easily.

You can visit any link and click on the SEOquake icon installed on the right corner of the screen.

Number of pages that have been indexed by Google

Number of pages that have been indexed by Google

How long does it take to Google Index the content on the website?

The Google Index process is not an overnight thing. You will have to wait for the Index time to complete. Index speed is fast or slow depends on many factors such as website structure, search traffic, link quality, …

An article is indexed and ranked on the average search engine within 1-2 months. However, some sites will take longer, about 5-6 months. In addition, depending on the quality of the content, websites will have different ranking positions.

Effect of slow Google Index

Reduce SEO speed

Constant changes in SEO have a certain effect on the quality of content on the website. Slow Google Index makes SEO speed decrease from 3-5 days. From there, affecting SEO efficiency.

Impact on SEO implementation

Regardless of whether you are doing SEO projects or SEO at SEO service companies, keyword rankings greatly affect SEO work. Google Index is slow, even if you try to promote Top it is still slow. Therefore, it is difficult to give an exact SEO timeline.

Easy to be copied by the opponent

Google Index is slow, this is an opportunity for websites that specialize in copying articles to work and they will take your website’s articles into their own original articles. At this point, your website accidentally becomes a copy, affecting the quality of the content on the website.

Methods to help Google Index URLs faster

Suggest methods to help Google Index quickly

Pay attention to the page loading speed of the website

Google Bots has a working process that closely resembles the behavior of users searching on the Internet. To check if your site’s content is eligible for Google’s indexing, Google’s bots have to crawl into the article and see all the content in it.

If your website’s page load speed is long, Google Bots may not wait patiently and exit immediately without Indexing. Therefore, page loading speed is also an important factor to help Google Index faster.

Increasing page load speed is also a way to help Google index quickly

Increase website loading speed to make Google Index articles faster

Building a website structure with standard SEO code

One of the top reasons why your website is not indexed is due to non-SEO code. Therefore, check if the website structure has malicious code or other suspicious components. If so, please deal with it immediately.

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Build new and not duplicate content

Fresh content is one of the top criteria that Google cares about. Google will not like your website with duplicate content. If detected, your website may be penalized according to Google’s algorithms. So, a fresh content will attract the attention of Google and make your article indexed faster.

Building fresh content is a way to help Google regularly visit and crawl your articles

Building fresh content is also a way to help Google Index articles faster

In addition to fresh content, the frequency of content updates must also be regular, at least 3 articles / week. This is how you make it a habit for Google to visit your site more often. From there, increase the index of articles in the website.

Declare XML Sitemap

XML sitemap is a sitemap that helps Google Bots to quickly access and view the content of articles. Therefore, websites with sitemaps will have a higher Index rate than websites without sitemap declarations.

Google says that when you provide a list of URLs directly in your sitemap, we no longer have to rely on the relationship between your website and other websites pointing to your site to find it. This will help our system find and discover your content faster. Typically, you store a sitemap on your domain in a place that can be accessed by Googlebot.

Declare XML sitemap to increase the index of the article

Increase URL Index rate by declaring XML sitemap to Google

When there is a new content update, you need to immediately notify Google by submitting the URL in Google Search Console. Then, wait about 10-15 days for Google to confirm and check through the XML sitemap file.

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On-page SEO optimization

Onpage SEO optimization is an effective solution, also known as an overall SEO method to help Google understand the content of the article quickly. Since then, the Index speed also increased. Onpage SEO optimization focuses on two factors: image optimization and Internal Link building.

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Image optimization

The standard of a quality image is uniform size, clear image and providing description in ALT tag. If you do these requirements well, Google will more easily understand the content of your article.

I optimize images to help Google easily understand the image content on the website

Optimize images to help Google understand the content of your article

Build Internal Links

Internal Links are internal links within your website. This is a very important factor for the article to be quickly indexed by Google. Besides, building Internal link also helps you reduce Bounce Rate significantly.

Building Internal Link helps Google understand what the article on the website is talking about

Building Internal Links can help Google Index new articles faster

For example, every time you publish a new article, build an Internal Link to link to an existing article. This helps you to improve the ranking of old articles as well as promote new articles to the Top better. In particular, the Internal Link must be natural and bring a lot of value to the reader.

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Build a quality dofollow backlink system

When the backlinks on the website have the rel=”dofollow” attribute, Google Bots will think it is a safe link. It will crawl into that article and index it. As a result, your website will have a plus point in Google’s PageRank.

Google considers pages with high quality links more important, so they are able to crawl and re-crawl such pages faster than those without. That leads to faster indexing.

Quality dofollow backlinks are a plus point for Google to index quickly

Quality dofollow backlinks are a plus for fast Google Index

However, this also has its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros: Dofollow backlinks have a certain effect on your website’s PageRank. The more quality backlinks a website points to, the more authority that site has. From there, the website can rank high on search engines.

Cons: In case your website receives bad backlinks, low quality backlinks, it can affect the reputation and rank of the website on the SERP. Because Google thinks you are spamming the link. Therefore, be careful when building a backlink system for your website.

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Build fanpage on social networks

Building a Fanpage on the basis of social networking sites is a widely used method. Because when there are many backlinks, your website will be appreciated and become more reputable in the eyes of Google. Therefore, Google will prioritize Indexing your article faster.

Learn about Google Index in Google Search Console

Above is an overview of what Google Index is and how to help Google Index URLs of websites quickly. Hope the article will be useful to you. Wish you soon success in quickly indexing new articles.

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