Trang chủ Onpage SEO What is Featured Snippet? How to optimize Featured Snippet to promote Top 0

What is Featured Snippet? How to optimize Featured Snippet to promote Top 0

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Have you heard of Featured Snippet or the top 0 position on Google? Those are quick answers to user queries. So what is Featured Snippet ? How to optimize article content to display at the top 0 position on search engines? It’s simple if you’ve read the entire article.

What is Featured Snippet? How to optimize Featured Snippet to promote Top 0

Instructions on how to put your website on the top 0 position on Google

What is Featured Snippet?

Featured Snippet is a short piece of text that appears at the top of Google search results to quickly answer a searcher’s query, usually calling the top 0 position. The content appearing inside the Featured Snippet is automatically pulled from the web pages in the Google index.

What is Featured Snippet?

Featured Snippet is the answer to a search query

Featured Snippets are more likely to appear when users enter informational queries. Google displays featured snippets above Google’s organic search results.

Featured snippets are relevant information about a web page in the form of lists, tables, or text, and with accompanying images or videos.

Featured Snippet is the element most likely to appear on Google

Featured Snippet is more likely to show up on search engines

Featured snippet box is placed more prominently than organic search results. As a result, sites that display Featured Snippets will have a higher click-through rate (CTR) and traffic.

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Featured Snippet showing up on Google

How Featured Snippet Shows on Search Engines

For example, you are searching for the keyword “what is a Featured Snippet”. At this point, Google will display a box in the first place and on top of the rest of the search results to quickly display the answers to the search queries.

The content displayed is usually the content in the article that Google considers relevant to the search query. Featured Snippet provides quick information without having to click to read the full article and search.

What is Rich Snippet?

Featured Snippet is just the answer to search queries and appears in the top 0 position on search engines.

What is Rich Snippet?

What is Rich Snippet?

Google’s Rich Snippet Guide

The Importance of Featured Snippets in SEO

Featured Snippet brings a lot of benefits to your website. Here are the possible benefits of Snippet.

The importance of Featured Snippet

Benefits of optimizing Featured Snippet

Why optimize Featured Snippet?

Why optimize Featured Snippet? Simply Featured Snippet brings a lot of benefits to SEO:

  • You don’t have to be in the top 5 to get featured in a Featured Snippet . You can still jump from the top 20 to the top 0.
  • The top 0 position helps to increase brand reputation as well as display on search engines.
  • Featured Snippet helps you increase a significant amount of organic traffic to your website. On the other hand, the top 0 position also has a higher CTR (Click Through Rate) rate than the top 1.
  • Your website can both rank top 0 and top 1 for the same keyword.
  • You do not need to spend any extra money to optimize the top 0 position.
Featured Snippet helps increase CTR

Featured Snippet helps increase CTR significantly

The role of Rich Snippet for SEO

Like Featured Snippet, Rich Snippet also offers notable SEO benefits:

  • Rich Snippet makes the website more prominent and attractive. From there, users will be interested and click on more.
  • Helps increase website space on search engines. This is really useful when search engines limit the size of basic information. Rich Snippet will take advantage and attract users to visit the website more effectively.
  • Improve CTR rate, indirectly affect search rankings on Google. The more users visit the website, the better Google appreciates and ranks it higher.
Rich Snippet not only helps increase CTR but also effectively increases traffic

Rich Snippet helps increase the CTR rate as well as organic traffic for the website

Popular Types of Featured Snippets

When optimizing Featured Snippet , you can see that there are many different types of Featured Snippets. It is important to know about these different types in order to structure the content appropriately. The most common types are as follows:

Text format (63%)

This is a piece of text designed to provide searchers with a concise, direct definition or description. This is the most common type of Featured Snippet that displays both text and images.

The text format commonly used by Google to answer “what is” queries.

Featured Text Snippet

Featured Text Snippet

Google doesn’t set a specific minimum length requirement for a page to appear as a featured snippet. This is because the minimum length varies based on many factors, including the information in the snippet, language, and platform (mobile, app, or desktop).

However, the definitions that Google tends to use are very concise and easy to understand. According to a SEMrush report, a featured snippet between 40-60 words is the most appropriate.

Featured snippets should be between 40-60 words in length

Featured snippets should be between 40-60 words in length

List form (19%)

Listed Featured Snippets display as either numbered or unordered lists.

Google uses an Ordered List to answer queries about steps.

Featured Snippet displays as steps

Featured Snippet displays as steps

Google also uses ordered lists to rank answers to queries in a particular order.

Featured Snippets display as a list in a specific order

Featured Snippets display as a list in a specific order

In addition, Google presents a list of items that do not need to be in any particular order. That’s why Google just presents the listing as a simple list, without any information ordered one way or another.

Featured Snippet format unordered list

Featured Snippet format unordered list

Tabular format (accounting for 16%)

Tabular Featured Snippet helps users visualize data for different types of comparisons. A large percentage of Google featured snippets are tables.

Featured Snippet Tabular

Featured Snippet Tabular


YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world. So it’s not uncommon for featured snippets to be in-article videos..

Featured Snippet in Video

Featured Snippet in Video

A 5-step guide to optimizing Featured Snippets

Find words that are likely to show Featured Snippet

In search engines, not all keywords can be optimized for Featured Snippet .

Typically, Google will display Featured Snippets in the following ways:

  • Define
  • Compare
  • Making

If you don’t know what keywords Google will give Featured Snippet on, the best way is to search for keywords that have been Google’s top 0. From there, optimize your article according to those content.

Have 2 way:

  • Analysis of foreign market competitors
  • Domestic competitor analysis

This method is also very simple, you just need to see what keywords domestic and foreign competitors are up Featured Snippet with. From there, proceed to optimize your content so that you can outperform your competitors to get Google to the top 0 position.


  • Step 1: List a list of rival domains
  • Step 2: Go to Ahrefs > Choose Organic Keyword
  • Step 3: Select Features > Features Snippet
Select Features and then select Featured Snippet

Select Features and then select Featured Snippet

You will be returned a bunch of domestic and foreign competitor keyword lists that are up Featured Snippet. Then, you should list them and group synonyms into clusters for easy optimization.

Featured Snippet Analysis of each key

Featured Snippet Analysis What is analysis? Suppose your opponent’s Featured Snippet appears 52 words. At this point, you should layout your article so that the paragraph you want to feature on the Featured Snippet ranges from 50 to 60 words for Google to recognize and bring that text to the top 0 position.

Number of words in the opponent's Featured Snippet

Analyze the number of Featured Snippets of your competitors

You need to analyze what the Featured Snippet is (text, table, list or video) to layout your content accordingly.

Optimizing article content layout

Optimizing the article content layout is to optimize the Heading 2, 3, 4 and paragraph tags of the article. Depending on the article depth, allocate h2,3,4 tags accordingly. Heading tags are as relevant as possible.

The Heading tag should be optimized according to the keyword of the article so that Google can easily recognize the paragraph that is talking about that keyword.

For example, you need to optimize the keyword “how to create a website”

You will want to put the heading containing the keyword to be optimized, as precisely as possible. Then, is the content to clarify the meaning for the entire topic that the heading is referring to.

So how to optimize?

In the above step, you already know how to determine what type of Featured Snippet that keyword is on. Your task is to properly optimize the Featured Snippet format of that keyword.

Next, you need to do better than your competition. If you find that the top 0 is not displayed beautifully or a lot of unnecessary information, then optimize your content so that it is better than the competition.

Don’t forget to add images and Alt Text with exact keywords. Google is very fond of this and may show your image on the featured snippet box with text.

Optimize article format

Optimizing article format is how you optimize the content and the Heading tags in it. You need to create content that is in-depth and better than the competition with Featured Snippet keywords .

Heading tags should also be optimized according to the article frame. The Heading 2 tag covers the main topics covered in the article. The heading tag 3 clarifies the content for the topics in heading 2. Similar to the Heading 4 tag, it will clarify the content for the topic in heading 3.

Submit articles to Google Search Console

You should use Google Search Console to promote Google Index of your articles faster. At this point, Google will update the article content and put the content you have optimized in the featured snippet box quickly.

Some notes when optimizing Featured Snippet

  • The higher the position, the easier it is to get Featured Snippe t.
  • The top 0 position is very competitive. Even if you are already in the top 0, keep an eye on those keywords. Because maybe competitors will optimize content better than you and will take the top 0. At this point, you need to optimize your content better than your current competitors.
  • The top 0 position is not only related to the above factors, but also influenced by backlinks, social signals, and article interaction.
  • It will take some time for Google to get your article on Featured Snippet . Therefore, wait and watch for signals from Google.

Instructions on how to create Rich Snippet

Using structured data through the popular Schema language to create Rich Snippet . Most forms of Rich Snippet are created this way.

Currently, there are 3 popular types of structured data:  JSON-LD , RDFa , Microdata . However, JSON-LD is more commonly used than the other two.

You can create Schema Markup scripts to add to the source code to declare important information to search engines. However, you do not have to declare to Google in the Schema that a Rich Snippet can be displayed . This also depends on Google’s algorithm.

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The tools you can use to check if a website has been displayed Rich Snippet or not are Ahrefs, SEMRush, Google’s Rich Result Test.

Guide to optimizing Featured Snippet

Refer to the article:

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>> What is Onpage SEO? The latest basic and advanced Onpage SEO optimization standards

Above is all the knowledge about what Featured Snippet is and how to optimize the website to rank top 0 effectively. Featured Snippet and Rich Snippet can significantly improve CTR and website traffic. Use the right SEO methods to help your website rank high, sustainably and bring high conversion rates!

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