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What is Entity? Latest SEO Trends with Entity Building

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Entity is an important term in SEO that was born in 2013, but so far it is still quite new to many people. Not everyone understands exactly what an entity is and how to implement it effectively. Follow this article, I will clearly explain the terms entity and entity building – a latest SEO trend today.

Why Entity is important in SEO?

What is Entity? Latest SEO Trends with Entity Building

What is Entity?

Entity is a single, unique, well-defined and distinguishable entity. Entity can be a thing, event, individual, place or an adjective,… Entity Building is considered an important factor in deciding the ranking of a website on search engines.

Learn What is Entity?

What is Entity?

Entity in Onpage SEO has the effect of describing detailed data, simplifying information to help Google understand your website. From there, you can easily build a reputable and unique brand in the eyes of Google.

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The role of Entity in Search Engine

Entity is an adjunct method that helps search engines better understand user intent. This can be said to be an additional source that determines the answer to a particular query. Entity helps Google recognize the entities in question.

Here are the 3 most important Entity factors for Google to rank:

  • Content – Content
  • Links – Links
  • Rankbrain algorithm

Content – Content

Content is the connection of Entity by relationships, this is the foundation for the entire SEO process of the website.

Links – Links

Links or links are the connection of Entity by relationship and orientation between web pages. Those pages are Entities containing other Entities. In addition, anchor text is connected through a topic, the entities of that topic connect through an association relationship with the landing page entity.

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Rankbrain algorithm

Rankbrain is not a Google ranking factor and does not act as a signal. But it is the factor that governs which signals carry the weight. For a query, the Rankbrain algorithm will interpret which signals are reasonable to give the best performance. The Rankbrain algorithm identifies only the metrics and entity relationships that are most important to a particular query.

Why Entity is important for SEO?

SEO is becoming more and more difficult by 2 factors:

  • Google uses more Machine Learning: Algorithms are released and updated regularly, making it difficult for SEOs to grasp and understand what Google wants.
  • Paid Search (paid advertising) is becoming more and more expensive: The advertising budget is too high, causing users to switch to doing SEO, finding customers through Organic Search. Google won’t like this.
Why is calling Entity an important factor in SEO

Entity is a very important factor in SEO

Therefore, Entity is both a definition and a role, which houses the entities that are very important to SEO. Entity as a solution to help Google understand and interpret relationships in entities. From there, increase keyword rankings on search engines.

Entity brings significant values ​​such as:

  • Understand tone, language, and assess how feasible it is to precisely meet the goals sought by users.
  • Reduce link dependencies.

Algorithms Affecting SEO Entity 

Google Rankbrain Algorithm

RankBrain is the name of the AI ​​artificial intelligence system whose task is to support the analysis of search results on Google. Rankbrain algorithm can understand the meaning of queries and user satisfaction with search results.

Google Rankbrain analyzes search results on Google through AI system

Rankbrain’s AI system can help analyze search results on the top of Google

Google Hummingbird Algorithm

The Hummingbird algorithm was born in 2013 to help users understand the meaning behind the words and phrases that users search for. In 2013-2015, Google did not promote the development of this algorithm. But in 2016, the Rankbrain algorithm was born with the help of Hummingbird. This creates a certain influence on search engine rankings.

HummingBird algorithm helps Google understand the semantics in each sentence

Hummingbird algorithm helps Google better understand the words and phrases users search for

How to optimize Hummingbird & Rank Brain algorithm

Free Tool TextRazor 

TextRazor is a tool to filter Semantic Keyword by getting data from Google API. This tool goes directly to the content and outputs all the Semantic data. In particular, it knows very well which words Google considers to be Semantic keywords. One great thing for you is that this tool is completely free.

Step 1: Sign up for a TextRazor account

Register an account using the TextRazor . tool

Register an account using the TextRazor . tool

Step 2: Search for the main keyword and English wiki because TextRazor can only analyze English data and Google only takes wiki data

TextRazor can only parse English data

TextRazor can only parse English data

Create Semantic Content with Ahrefs

Step 1: Create 2 columns: Keyword need SEO and Semantic keyword

Step 2: Go to Google search Keyword for SEO and choose the top websites to analyze Ahrefs.

Step 3: Go to Ahref -> Organic keywords -> Check the keywords that Google has given to the top.

How Google Extract Entity 

Entity extraction is Google’s search for related elements in the same content. Then, synthesize, analyze, process and return the results to the user.

Google extracts Entity on 4 aspects:

ID: Identify Entities such as addresses and MREIDs.

Big data (data): is a data warehouse system like Google Index or Google corpus.

A large knowledge base like wikipedia or Freebase.

Attribute: the relationship between Entities so that Google can understand.

Entity Building creation process

Use Content Writing Techniques (Semantic & Thematic)

Creating engaging content helps businesses stick to brand development strategies. Along with that is optimizing SEO standard article content.

Using Google Maps services

This service has the effect of improving Google Maps rankings according to Entity standards.

Using Google Interlink systems

Connecting web 2.0 sites and Google resources into one unified link that validates Entity. Besides, it helps Google bots to recognize the same brand name on the Internet easily.

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Social Guide

Use reputable review tools for geo-validation to increase credibility and improve rankings effectively.

Take advantage of Social Property Linking systems

Use reputable social networks in the world to create brands or products that want SEO. These social networks need to link together to authenticate with Google that you are a real business.

Social Entity Review

Products and services with SEO optimized reviews have the effect of increasing brand trust in the eyes of Google and users.

10 tips for effective Entity implementation

Building a brand in parallel with building a Website

Develop your brand on a Digital platform, take advantage of your domain name, social platform, focus topic, logo, business address, Adword account,…Make sure your brand is clear and prominent enabled on websites and other platforms.

Create in-depth content

Google’s content evaluation algorithm is increasingly advanced and rigorous. Therefore, pure content is often not prioritized. Therefore, businesses need to invest more in content, need to be new, creative, attract and bring value to users.

Content should not be long, rambling, but go straight to the heart of the article. Because of that, Google will be difficult to understand and users will not like your article. Therefore, avoid writing low-quality articles with mixed content.

Optimizing according to the search journey

SEOers need to study future user search trends to build a quality website. From there, direct users to other content on the website more effectively.

Change standard SEO content based on SERP

SERPs are a great resource for finding the most searched for content. From there, SEOers can come up with ideas to recreate quality content for the website from these metrics. The research topic is the problems users search around keywords that will optimize Entity more.

Using Google Natural Language API

This is an Entity search and support tool in content. From there, you can check how the Entities are evaluated by Google to tailor your content more quality.

Build content structure

To ensure the content is clear, concise, and to the point, you need to keep the following in mind:

  • Use tables and headings to increase recognition
  • Use a wider variety of content types
  • Easy-to-understand, reader-friendly content
  • Useful, well-sourced and trustworthy content

Satisfied search intent

Users only click on your website if your article is what they need and satisfy their search intent. So, build quality, useful content with full purchase information, product reviews, navigation,…

Check out the top 5 search results

To build an effective Entity strategy, you need to consult your competitors to see how they do, what are the search trends on those sites. This will help you understand your SEO competitors, then consider additional information to optimize your website content.

Avoid low CTR

CTR has a very important role, it is the click-through rate, showing the percentage of users clicking on the link out of the total number of times that this link is displayed. Therefore, you need to check your CTR regularly to know how to improve your content and get a boost in search rankings.

Using Schema

Google can better understand your website through schema, which is the code attached to the website’s HTML. Schema is used to declare the address, industry, links on social networks, … of the business.

Learn Entity and how to connect Entity effectively

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Above are my sharing about what Entity is and how to create Entity Building to increase the credibility of your website in the eyes of Google. Hopefully the article will help you have a better overview of Entity as well as how to effectively implement Entity through Semantic content, Humming Bird and Rankbrain algorithms as well as Textrazor and Ahrefs tools.

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