Trang chủ Offpage SEO What is Entity SEO? How to optimize Entity SEO effectively for the website

What is Entity SEO? How to optimize Entity SEO effectively for the website

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Entity SEO is one of the most prominent trends today. Theoretically it seems confusing. But actually what is Entity SEO is as confusing as its name? Let’s go through this article with me! I will reveal the knowledge as well as how to optimize Entity SEO effectively.

What is Entity SEO? How to implement entity SEO effectively

Learn Entity SEO and how to implement Entity SEO for the website

What is SEO Entity?

SEO Entity is SEO that is not only based on keywords but also based on context to help users find information. Entity here includes place, time, metrics. These components have a certain relationship with each other in terms of words and semantics that computers can understand both literally and figuratively.

What is Entity SEO?

What is the concept of Entity SEO?

Learn What is Entity SEO?

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Why Entity is important for SEO?

With the constant change of Google’s algorithms, SEO needs to be new and catch the right trend.

In addition, businesses that have just entered the field of Digital Marketing have focused on doing SEO. Because of these 2 reasons:

  • The cost of Paid Search (Paid Advertising) is increasing day by day.
  • SEO brings sustainability and long-term to businesses

On the other hand, Google wants to bring results to users right on the search page. That means they don’t need to visit the website to still see the results they want. This factor is called top 0 position, or more specifically, Featured Snippet.

test 1

test 2

Featured Snippet snippet example on Google search results

Featured Snippet snippet example on Google search results

Those are the reasons why you need to put in extra effort if you want to rank high in search engines. Optimizing Entity SEO is the way to help you achieve those goals.

What is Optimizing SEO content according to Entity?

We often optimize SEO by creating content corresponding to a keyword and optimizing each keyword separately. With Entity SEO , you need to optimize SEO by topic. That is, create secondary keywords around the main keyword.

A common scenario is that many websites create content just to compete for rankings without caring about the value of the content. As a result, Google does not appreciate and the user bounce rate increases.

Content publishing is inversely proportional to the number of shares

Content is published a lot but the number of shares is decreasing

If optimizing SEO content according to Entity, you need to do more research around the main topic, which words and contexts are closely related to the main topic. As a result, your content delivers more value than the user wants. They will stay long on your website and Google will appreciate your article.

Ways Google Collects Entity SEO Data

Extract Entity SEO & How does Google extract Entity?

Entity SEO extraction is Google’s search for related elements in content. Then synthesize, analyze, process and return search results to users.

Google extracts Entity through the following 4 means:

  • ID: Like addresses or MREID (Machine Readable Entity ID), used to identify Entity.
  • Data: Google Corpus and Google Index
  • Knowledge Base: Freebase and WikiPedia
  • Attribute: The relationship between Entities for Google to understand the meanings behind.
Entity Extracted Google Elements

Entity Extracted Google Elements

“Things not Strings” (Objects, not strings)

It is easier for Google to understand Entities when they are related to other factors. This principle helps Google know how many words there are on a page as well as what those words mean. Finally, Google will return the results that the user is searching for.

The principle of “Things not Strings: applied in the Knowledge Graph, returns all information related to the user’s query. In addition, the first page displayed on Google in Carousel format also applies this principle.

Knowledge Graph trong Entity SEO

Knowledge Graph trong Entity SEO

In short, this is a method that helps Google understand natural language to return complete and accurate results to users.

10 Suggestions for implementing SEO Entity for the website

Building a brand and a website in parallel

You should not only focus on building a website that forgets the brand you own. The criteria to ensure when building a brand include:

  • Create accounts on social networks
  • Brand-oriented content
  • Logo
  • Domain
  • Adwords account
  • Business address

In particular, the logo, domain and business address are important signals related to the business. Therefore, you need to clearly and fully display this information on your website to promote your brand.

Create in-depth and useful content for users

Intensive content creation is the creation of content around a single topic like a miniature library of that topic. You need to invest in content in a detailed and methodical way, do not write ramblings or write many articles on different small topics. This not only distracts the reader, but also makes it difficult for Google to understand the meaning of the article content. From there, Google will downvote and rank the article low.

Using Google Natural Language API

The Google Natural Language API is an Entity search and research platform that exists in article content.

Google Natural Language API

Google Natural Language API

As shown in the image above, you can see that Google recognizes the Entities of places, people, time, … From there, you will check how the Entities contained in your content are understood by Google for navigation. adjust accordingly.

Build content structure

A well-structured content must meet the following criteria:

  • Content is clear, easy to read, easy to understand
  • Use headlines and tables for easy identification
  • Clever use of numbered and heading list content
  • The source, the copyright of the content is clear and reliable

Change standard SEO content based on SERP

Google Search Results (SERP) is a useful source for recreating quality content. You can rely on the results on the SERP to check what information Google considers the most important.

This is the same way as when you do keyword research for the topic. Optimizing Entity, in addition to keyword research, you need to research the problems users search around that keyword. You can refer to this information at the Knowledge Graph, People also ask or Related Keyword, section. ..

How to change SEO standard content based on SERP

How to change SEO standard content based on SERP

Using Schema

Schema is a piece of HTML code attached to your website that makes it easier for Google to understand your website. Schema declares business-related information such as address, industry, social connections, …

When you declare this information in the website, Google will quickly understand the Entities included in the article content.

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Optimizing according to the customer’s search journey

When creating content, you first need to know where users come from in the search journey. This is a quick, psychological and strategic manipulation of user behavior.

Customer search journey

Customer search journey

Every query or keyword a user searches for has a past and a future. Therefore, you need to determine what steps the user searched for and what the next step they want to search for. From there, you can build some more related articles and place internal links in your content posts

Satisfied search intent

Satisfying search intent means having all the content that users are often looking for. These content often include categories such as syndication, navigation, purchase, review, etc. Always monitor and update search results daily to capture trends to create multi-faceted content. more form.

Check out the top 5 search results

Try to refer to the top 5 search engine competitors what they are writing about and try to write better than them. This strategy is extremely important and useful when doing SEO. In addition, you also need to refer to the top 5 competitors to see what information your article is missing compared to the competitor that promptly adds to be ranked higher.

Avoid having a poor click-through rate (CTR)

User click-through rate and time on site are very important factors for Google. These high indexes will help your website rank high on search engines.

Therefore, regularly check the click-through rate of each keyword, whether the content on the website has been updated with new content or is missing anything. From there, your website will improve better rankings on search engines.

The above article is the latest and most detailed knowledge about what is Entity SEO . Hope the article will be useful to you. Wish you soon success in optimizing Entity SEO to help your website rank well on Google’s search engine.

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