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What are Backlinks? Synthesize AZ knowledge how to build backlinks

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For those who do SEO, the term backlink will certainly not be too strange. So what are backlinks ? Are backlinks an important factor affecting rankings in SEO? I will share all my knowledge about backlinks in the article below. 

What are Backlinks?

Find out what backlinks are

What are Backlinks?

Backlink is a link from another website to your website. In SEO, backlinks are one of the top factors for Google to rank websites on search engines. The more quality backlinks a website has, the easier it is to get to the top.

Find out what backlinks are

What is the definition of backlink?

Google’s John Mueller says it’s a waste of time if you build backlinks from pages that have no value.

Example of backlinks in SEO

Example of backlinks in SEO

Important terms in backlinks

Here are the backlink related terms that every SEOer needs to know:

  • Anchor Text: is a keyword phrase that contains hyperlinks. When you click on the anchor text, you will be redirected to another website. Using Anchor Text to boost the rankings of a certain keyword is very effective.
  • Link juice: used to refer to the link pointing to the website. The more Link juice, the more Domain Authority of the website increases.
  • Dofollow link: all backlinks default to dofollow. These links will pass valuable link juice back to your destination website.
  • Nofollow link: Unlike dofollow, if a backlink is created and tagged with Nofollow, the link juice will not be transmitted.
  • Internal links: are internal links, leading from one article to another in the same website.
  • Low-quality links: are low-quality backlinks. These are backlinks that are pointed back from spam websites, websites that violate the general rules or websites with depraved content that adversely affect the website. Therefore, you should be careful when buying backlinks.
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The role of backlinks in SEO

There are many opinions that backlink is a very important factor to make a website stronger. So what is the role of backlinks? Stay tuned for the next part below!

What are Backlinks? The importance of backlinks in SEO

Improve the ranking of the website

Why say backlink can improve website’s ranking on search engines? Backlink has the task of directing users to visit a website with a certain purpose.

Backlink is also a ranking factor of google

Google announced that Backlink is one of 3 Google ranking factors

Think of backlinks as a vote from other websites.

Each of these votes means that the site is telling Google, "This content is valuable, trustworthy, and useful."

So, the more “votes” you have, the higher your site will rank in Google.

Quality backlinks is a factor that helps a website rank high on Google

Quality backlinks help your website improve search rankings on Google

Backlinks formed the original foundation of Google’s algorithm. Although Google has made thousands of changes to its algorithm, backlinks are still an important ranking signal.

Website ranking is proportional to quality backlinks

The more quality backlinks, the higher the website will rank

Increase the likelihood of being indexed by Google faster

Do you know? The Google bot will occasionally revisit pages it has previously visited to check for new links.

The more authoritative the website, the more often it is visited by the bot and ranked based on the updated links.

So, if your website receives a lot of quality backlinks, it will definitely be discovered and indexed by Google faster.

Websites with quality backlinks help Google bots access the website quickly

Google bots access the website faster if the website has quality backlinks

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Increase Indirect Traffic Through Backlink

One of the reasons that I recommend building backlinks is to help navigate users from one website to another with content that is useful to them.

As a result, your website will increase an indirect traffic through these navigational backlinks.

Backlinks help increase website traffic

Backlinks help increase indirect traffic to your website

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Increase brand awareness

Backlink is an important off-page SEO strategy to improve brand awareness. This is a perfect solution because of its low cost and ability to reach every niche of the target market.

Build backlinks to cover the business brand

Backlinks help increase brand awareness

With backlinks, you can fully proactively adjust the cost and time to invest to suit your current budget. Therefore, you will not have to spend too much money to promote your brand

In addition, just one backlink from a reputable website pointing to your website will quickly become popular and trusted with users .

From there, the ability to attract target customers in the future will increase.

Generate more new potential customers

With each impression, the probability of being clicked and engaged with the website is higher.

These interactions can be:

  • Like or Follow brand social network
  • Leave contact information
  • sign up
  • Leave a request for advice
  • Purchase
  • Contact the brand directly

This is a good opportunity to generate many new leads. Therefore, any brand that wants to achieve business efficiency needs to invest in creating an attractive website interface, valuable content to generate high conversions.

Build backlinks to attract new customers

Backlinks help attract new potential customers

Common types of backlinks in SEO

Backlinks from social networks

Backlink from social networking sites, also known as Backlink Social , means creating a profile on social and putting the website URL in that profile. This type of backlink is free, easy to create and highly effective.

Backlink social

Backlinks from social networking sites

Most social backlinks have the “nofollow” attribute attached, but this is considered a pretty good signal because:

  • Increase brand recognition, avoid confusion with other brands on social.
  • Increase the number of valid backlinks and vary between “nofollow” and “dofollow” attributes
  • Promote local SEO and Google Maps.

Backlink from web 2.0 system

Web 2.0 are forums that allow you to post articles on existing website platforms such as weebly, wordpress, blogger,… These are reputable and high traffic websites. Therefore, the content you post on web 2.0 must ensure quality and bring value to users to be approved.

Backlinks from web 2.0

Building Backlinks from web 2.0

Some criteria you need to know to succeed in web 2.0 backlinks :

  • Valuable, quality content
  • Set reasonable backlinks, do not spam backlinks
  • Regularly posting new content
  • Focus on bringing benefits to users, avoid advertising too much

Backlinks in the comments

Backlinks in comments, also known as Backlink Comments , are comments attached to website URLs on social networking sites, blogs, forums, etc. Backlink comments have the same properties as social backlinks.

Backlink comment

Backlinks from comments on blogs, forums, social networks

To create this backlink, you just need to go to the articles, comment positively and leave a website URL that suggests your product, service or article.

One thing to note is that you should not put too many backlink comments in a day. Because this can make Google understand you are spamming backlinks and can penalize your website.

Backlinks from famous newspapers

Newspaper backlinks are backlinks placed on famous online newspaper sites such as channel 14, youth newspapers,… These newspapers have great prestige and traffic. Therefore, this is a paid backlink service. Depending on the website and each newspaper page, there will be different fees.

Newspaper Backlink

Famous newspaper sites should put backlinks

Advantages of newspaper backlinks:

  • Brand coverage is quick and well known
  • Increase the credibility of the website when placing backlinks on famous newspapers

Disadvantages of newspaper backlinks:

  • Does not bring SEO efficiency because newspaper pages also link out to many other pages
  • Expensive if you want wide coverage
  • The level of effectiveness depends on the article of that newspaper

Backlink Guest Post

Backlink Guest Post is when you post articles on other websites to put backlinks to your website. You are completely active in creating article content according to the purpose and posting it on another reputable website that you want.

Backlink Guest Post

Backlink Guest Post

However, the cost of Guest Post backlinks is quite high and you have no control if you do not have your own Guest Post system. Moreover, it is also difficult for you to find a suitable and equally powerful website to go Guest Post. Therefore, you should consider when using this type of backlink.

Backlink from PBN system

PBN (Private Blog Network) includes many websites used to create quality backlinks to promote the main website. The larger and more diverse the PBN system, the higher the level of effectiveness in SEO.

Building a PBN . system

Building a PBN . system

Advantages of the PBN system:

  • You have full control, post, backlink, edit links on the PBN system because this is your own system.
  • Help expand business management
  • Bring high SEO efficiency with backlink and keyword plans

Disadvantages of PBN system:

  • Must have knowledge and operating skills about website, Hosting, Domain
  • Time consuming, high development and maintenance costs
  • Need to have a plan to build backlinks, specific keywords for many sites at the same time

Sources of quality backlinks

Not all backlinks are the same.

Backlinks from trusted, authoritative sites

A backlink from a trusted, authoritative website is a quality backlink.


Imagine you clicked on a reputable website and was directed to another website, do you trust this link?

I’m sure you’ll assume this is a quality link, since it’s linked to a high authority site.

Like users, Google also evaluates your website by the pages you link to.

Therefore, choose websites with high DA scores, ie reputable and highly authoritative sites to place backlinks pointing to your website.

This will bring many competitive advantages in terms of rankings, traffic as well as conversion rates.

Choose sites with high DA scores to place backlinks

Should put backlinks from sites with high DA scores

Use Anchor Text as Relevant Keyword

Anchor Text is part of a backlink strategy to promote SEO keywords to rank high on the SERP.

Anchor Text needs to be used in a natural and varied way. Do not use the same Anchor Text to the same URL too many times.

Google has released an algorithm to flag spam link violations called Google Penguin. This algorithm focuses on anchor texts that partially match the exact keyword.

Make sure to use the right ratio of anchor text types so that you don’t get marked by Google Penguin as link spam and don’t rank high for your keywords.

Linked sites with related topics

Google values ​​relevant backlinks because these are the links that users want to click on and bring a lot of value.

If the backlink is from an unrelated site, the user will immediately exit when clicking on it. Google also follows user behavior and evaluates these backlinks as poor quality. From there, Google will not rank your site highly.

“Dofollow” link

Google and other search engines will ignore “nofollow” links when crawling.

Put your backlink in “dofollow” mode to let Google know this is a safe, reputable, useful link and you want Google to endorse it to rank your site.

Use "dofollow" links for backlinks

A quality backlink is a backlink with the “dofollow” attribute.

Backlinks from various new sources

Let’s say you get a backlink from site A, and the next time you get a backlink from this site A as well. Will the following backlinks still have the same power as the first backlink?

No. of course!

Backlinks from a website will have diminishing power

Backlinks from a website will have diminishing power

In fact, getting backlinks from many different websites will be more valuable than getting many backlinks from one website.

The more reputable websites pointing to your site, the better

The number of sites linking is directly proportional to the rank on the SERP

Pay attention to the context of backlink placement

You need to remember that the more relevant and natural the context and anchor text, the more valuable the backlink.

So how to create the right context for the anchor text?

Keywords appear in the article with the right density and must be natural. If you try to do keyword stuffing then Google will think you are spamming and may penalize your site. From there, the website cannot rank high on the SERP.

Use a variety of keywords and put in the article as naturally as possible. This not only does not cause boredom for readers, but also helps Google appreciate the article content and rank high for the website.

From there, you will get high value backlinks.

Reasons for creating low-quality backlinks

Use unrelated anchor text

Using anchor text is irrelevant as well as tricking users into clicking on your link.

If this link is not what the user is looking for, they will exit immediately. This will cause Google to evaluate your links as poor quality and reduce your website rankings.

Therefore, use link related anchor text to bring value to users as well as create a quality backlink for your website.

Spam backlink

Using a lot of poor quality backlinks, of unknown origin to increase traffic to the website is a way not to do. Too many irrelevant links pointing to your website are restricted by Google from appearing on the search engine.

So you should not build backlinks this way. Or, if you have built it, you should remove irrelevant backlinks to increase the credibility of the website.

Hide link

Cloaking means that you use text that matches the background color so that Google can still read it, but users can’t. Google absolutely does not like such backlinks pointing to the website and will inhibit the website’s search engine rankings.

Backlinks from unreliable sources

Backlinks from untrustworthy sources are backlinks placed in forums or web 2.0 that are not related to the topic of your website. In this case, Google will think you are spamming keywords and will reduce your site authority level. This makes it difficult to rank high on the SERP.

Classification of backlink placement models 

To create quality backlinks , in addition to basic knowledge, you need to flexibly follow Google’s algorithms. Typically you need to know the following 3 backlink models:

Backlink Wheel Link Model

True to its name, Wheel link is a wheel link model that links the main website with 2 other websites to form a wheel. The main point of this model is that satellite websites all point to the main website and the websites link to each other in a closed circle.

Backlink Wheel Link Model

Backlink Wheel Link Model

Pyramid Link Backlink Model

Backlink Pyramid Link is a hierarchical link model in the shape of a pyramid, the backlinks on the lower tier will point to the backlinks on the upper tier. This model has the feature that there is only one main site at the top, the lower layers will link to the upper layer.

Backlink model in the shape of a pyramid

Backlink model in the shape of a pyramid

Star backlink model 

Backlink Star is a star link model, hygiene websites point to the same landing page. This model has a simple structure, which is very popular in building a backlink system. If done right, your website will definitely have a better number of backlinks.

The star-shaped backlink model

Backlink Star – Backlink Star

When Backlinks are no longer important in ranking top?

Ways to create quality Backlinks

Backlink is an important factor for website ranking on Google search engine. That does not mean that all backlinks are created equal.

Relevance, location, and other attributes all contribute to a quality backlink. The easier a link is to get, the less valuable it is.

You can refer to the following ways to create effective Backlinks for your website:

Exchange Backlink

Exchange backlinks with other websites is a way that SEOers often use to create quality backlinks. There are two ways of exchanging backlinks: 2-way exchange and cross-exchange.

In particular, 2-way backlink exchange is less effective, but also likely to be underestimated by Google. So, cross-exchange is seen as a better way to build quality backlinks.

Example of cross backlink exchange: You have sites A, B, C. You want to build backlinks for site A, the model will be A => B => C => A.

Share articles on social networking sites

Social media is a free, safe and effective source of backlinks. When you post an article on social networks like G+, facebook, Twitter,… users will click on the article and like, share, comment,… Thanks to that, your main site is indexed by Google faster.

Build quality backlinks through social networks

Using social networks to build quality backlinks is a great idea

Professional Backlinking

Professional backlinking is a way to build backlinks from famous newspaper sites. These online newspaper sites have a huge amount of traffic, so your website PR index also increases when you receive a backlink from these newspapers. However, this way will cost you quite a lot to publish in the newspaper.

Create a signature on the forum

You can also build backlinks by creating a signature on the forum . To do this, you need to create articles or comment on other people’s posts, then leave a signature with a backlink pointing to your main website.

Build effective backlinks from forums

Backlinks from forums

Cross Link

Cross Link is a way to build backlinks on satellite sites. Your task is to build yourself many cleaning sites with the same theme as the main website.

Then, will put backlinks from these satellite sites pointing to your main website. Backlinks built by this method are very effective and flexible according to your navigation.

Link Bait

Link Bait is a way of building backlinks that is called “the pinnacle of art”. With this method, you only need to build unique and highly viral content that attracts readers.

From there, they will share your article on their personal page or on a certain social platform. You can create hundreds of backlinks from this article pointing to the main website. This way helps you attract more traffic and maintain high rankings on Google’s search engine.

Build backlinks from PBN . system

The PBN system helps to create thousands of quality and reputable backlinks. However, you need expertise as well as time and money to invest in this system.

PBNs need website administration, hosting and content skills to operate effectively and not cause problems that cause Google to penalize your website.

Importance of Backlinks for Google

Factors to create quality backlinks

Frequently asked questions about Backlinks

How to create free backlinks?

While having a link building strategy is essential, developing quality content is the best way to get free backlinks. As a result, website owners who need to develop a consistent SEO and content marketing plan tend to have a better backlink profile.

How many types of backlinks are there?

When you visit backlinks, there are only two types of backlinks: dofollow and nofollow. A person reading a web page will never see the difference between a dofollow and a nofollow backlink. The difference is in the source code.

How many backlinks in 1 day is safe to build?

There is no limit for backlink creation, just create quality backlinks. You can create one quality backlink or hundreds of spam backlinks. But your one quality backlink is more important than hundreds of spam backlinks.

What does Google say about backlinks?

Backlinks are an important ranking factor. Google considers Backlinks as a “vote of confidence” from one site to another. Building backlinks from other online sources can significantly affect your site’s search visibility or ranking position.

How long does it take for backlinks to work?

Typically, a backlink will start affecting rankings about 10 weeks after it is created. Impact time can be several days for non-competitive keywords, but competitive keywords can take 6 months or more. The impact time will be much faster if your target page ranks beyond the first page of Google.


Above is the knowledge about what Backlink is and how to build backlinks to help you better understand Backlink in SEO. Understanding what a backlink is is one thing, but building effective backlinks is another story and not as simple as learning knowledge. Please consider and learn carefully before deploying backlinks for your website! Hope the article will be useful to you.

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