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What are Textlinks? How to use Textlink safely and effectively in SEO

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What are textlinks ? Textlinks are a very important element in SEO. Whether your website increases or not is partly thanks to the safe and effective use of textlinks. So how to use textlink? Follow the instructions on how to use textlinks safely for SEO in this article.

What are textlinks?

Learn the role of Textlink

What are Textlinks?

Usually, the average number of backlinks in a day is around 100-200 links. However, with textlinks, one day you can reach several hundred, even several thousand backlinks. This is one of the best benefits that textlinks bring.

But you also need to note that the number of links to the website in a day is too large, it will cause consequences later.

Find out what is Textlink

Textlink is a piece of text containing a link pointing to another website

In general, when placing a textlink on the website, there are the following benefits:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase target keyword rankings
  • Helps maintain and stabilize keyword rankings in a certain position
  • Increase the credibility of the website in the eyes of Google

Instructions for using Textlink safely and effectively for SEO

Therefore, to use Textlink safely and effectively for SEO, you need to pay attention to the following:

Link usage frequency

Do not use Textlink continuously in a short period of time , because it will make your website lose its naturalness with the links pointing back. Using Textlink naturally will bring the best SEO effect for your website.

Number of links in an article

Are you wondering how many backlinks to build and how many Textlink links? The number of links in the article is also an SEO factor.

It is recommended that the rate of using Textlink is about 10-15% and the rest for backlinks will account for a certain percentage of the website content.

Use a variety of links

Do not just use the main keyword in the Textlink to point the link to the website. Instead, use a variety of synonyms or extensions in your Textlink. Using a variety of Textlinks and backlinks will help your website become reputable and quality.

Besides, using Textlink with images or videos is also a suitable choice. The more diverse the textlink, the more Google appreciates your website.

Notes to know to use Textlink effectively

Textlinks have a huge impact on SEO in many ways. Depending on the purpose of use, the impact of Textlink will be different.

Textlinks related to your website content will be highly appreciated by Google. In contrast, irrelevant Textlinks will be considered by Google as spam and of poor quality .

Quality textlinks bring high SEO efficiency

Use quality Textlink to achieve the highest SEO efficiency

Therefore, to maximize the power of Textlink, when placing Textlink, please note the following issues:

1. Website needs to have enough backlinks . To build a few thousand quality backlinks, it takes you about 2 months. Only then can you set the Textlink.

2. Do not place Textlink pointing to new articles with the correct Anchor Text. Instead, you can set the Textlink to point to the homepage, categories, label or tag. (If you SEO keywords only in the article, you should put the Textlink after a few months of posting. At this time, you also need to build backlinks for this article first) .

3. To get the best Textlink benefits, choose to place textlinks on sites with good traffic . Avoid placing Textlinks on classifieds, sales or pages with many outbound links. These pages can reduce the strength of backlinks.

4. You can also buy Textlink from quality sites to make sure your Textlink is the most effective. News website is a best choice to buy Textlink, both to help you reach customers and ensure Textlink quality.

5. In addition, you can also completely actively design a site with the same theme to build Textlink . At this point, you need to build quality articles to place links. This will be a much better source of links than buying links.

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Distinguish Textlink and Backlink

Links are one of the very important factors and should be paid attention to when doing SEO. In which Textlink and Backlink are two terms that are very confusing. So what is the difference between Textlink and Backlink?

Backlink is a link pointing back to your website from another website, blog, forum, social network, etc. Backlink is one of the most important ranking factors in SEO. The more quality backlinks pointing to the website, the higher the website will be. Backlinks are placed directly in the article and come in many forms such as text, images, videos, …

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Quality backlinks are especially important in SEO

The role of quality backlinks

Textlink is a hyperlink that displays as text and is not part of the article. When the user clicks on this text, it will be directed to another web page.

Basically, Backlink and Textlink are 2 quite similar terms. Instead of placing the link directly as a backlink, the Textlink is replaced with a text. In a word, backlink includes Textlink.

Depending on the time, Google will have different penalty policies. Therefore, you need to be careful when using links.

Find out what is Textlink knowledge

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Above is the knowledge from AZ about Textlink and what and how to use Textlink effectively. Both Textlink and Backlink are important ranking factors. Therefore, you need to pay special attention and have a suitable strategy for these two types of links to achieve the highest SEO efficiency.

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