Trang chủ Onpage SEO What are breadcrumbs? Guide to optimizing SEO Breadcrumb Wordpress

What are breadcrumbs? Guide to optimizing SEO Breadcrumb Wordpress

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Breadcrumbs is a familiar and indispensable term in SEO. This is a major factor determining the success of the website. If you don’t really understand what breadcrumbs are and how to optimize, then read this article to the end!

The power of SEO standard breadcrumbs optimization

Guide to optimizing SEO standard breadcrumbs

What are breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs are a collection of links that help users locate their current position in the site structure. A website with a complex structure or a lot of content, breadcrumbs are a way to locate and help users navigate between pages efficiently.

Breadcrumbs are usually displayed as anchor text and are separated by a slash (/) or a greater than sign (>).

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Example of website breadcrumbs

Example of website breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs show the page’s position in the site hierarchy and help users effectively understand and explore the site. Users can move through the site hierarchy one level at a time, starting from the last breadcrumb.

Popular Breadcrumbs

There are 3 main types of breadcrumbs being used:

Attribute Breadcrumbs

Attribute Breadcrumbs , also known as Attribute based breadcrumbs , have the function of representing the attributes of a page in the website.

Attribute Breadcrumbs are especially popular on e-commerce websites , with very large products with many criteria for classification.

For example, phone products will be classified by many brands, by price, by configuration, by features. Breadcrumbs in this case will be the classification criteria for the product, so that the user knows what criteria to find.

Location Breadcrumbs

Location Breadcrumbs aka Location based breadcrumbs shows the user the current location in the website.

This type of breadcrumbs is best used for websites with multi-layered content or with the number of floors greater than or equal to two (articles + categories), which can be considered the most popular breadcrumbs today.

Path Breadcrumbs

Path Breadcrumbs are path-following breadcrumbs used to show users the paths they have visited.

This type of breadcrumbs is currently not commonly used because its function is similar to the “Back” button on the toolbar.

In addition, Path Breadcrumbs can hardly help users determine where they are in the website structure.

The advantages of breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs play an important role in SEO and website development.

Increase user experience

Breadcrumbs act as a simple road map, making it easy for visitors to go back to previous categories, navigate through other pages or search for related content through Breadcrumbs quickly and conveniently. profit. Increase the user experience and make them stay on the site longer.

Breadcrumbs is an effective user experience booster

Breadcrumbs help increase the user experience on the website

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Improve website ranking

Breadcrumbs help google quickly understand the website structure. To score with search engines you should create breadcrumbs for your website.

Google will use Breadcrumbs to display in search results. Make your website attractive and attractive to users. From there, increasing the click-through rate leads to an increase in search page rankings.

Breadcrumbs can improve website rankings

Breadcrumbs increase website rankings effectively

Google uses Breadcrumbs to categorize and contextualize content. Breadcrumbs also help users understand where that page is on your website. This is considered a double win in SEO.

Reduce Exit Rate & Bounce Rate

Exit Rate is the bounce rate, and Bounce Rate is the bounce rate. When accessing the website, most users do not like to click to return to the home page, they often tend to search and click on interesting and interesting things at the page they are on.

Therefore, you need to know how to navigate properly anywhere on your website to keep readers longer.

Breadcrumb s is an effective method, with just a few simple steps, visitors can navigate and switch categories easily. Thereby reducing the bounce rate (Exit Rate) and bounce rate (Bounce Rate) significantly.

Why use Breadcrumbs?

You should use Breadcrumbs for your website because:

  • Breadcrumbs help the website have a coherent structure and easy to find
  • Better user navigation
  • Make it easy for Google to see the relevance of the content on the site
What are breadcrumbs?

Benefits of creating Breadcrumbs

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Instructions on how to optimize Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs play a decisive role in the growth of the website. Therefore, you need to know how to use it to achieve the desired effect. Here are some tips to optimize breadcrumbs for your website.

Breadcrumbs serve users

When creating any tool for the website, prioritizing the interests of consumers is always a top priority. If you want to optimize SEO Breadcrumbs, you should only do this work at a later stage.

Because these actions directly affect the user experience, causing serious consequences such as: increased bounce rate and speed, reduced page clicks, reduced traffic to the website, .. .

Pay attention to the location of Breadcrumbs

Usually breadcrumbs are located at the top of the page, above the page title and below the top navigation bar (if available). This is the most visible location that makes it easy for users to access and will click right away when needed.

The right breadcrumbs size

Each breadcrumbs needs to be reasonably sized to fit the overall website.

Absolutely do not click on Breadcrumbs and then return to the tool itself. In the current position, you should use bold method of headings for users to recognize.

Relationship between main navigation/top menu and breadcrumbs

Main navigation/ top menu points the user to better navigation than Breadcrumbs . Because breadcrumbs only act as a navigation, signaling to users where they are and cannot completely replace the main navigation / top menu.

Although you have created a system of breadcrumbs, you need to build a complete and attractive main navigation / top menu for the website system.

If you want to optimize Breadcrumbs for your wordpress website, plan carefully and reinforce the standard breadcrumbs, the main navigation / top menu toolkit needs to be of absolute quality. Your website is legalized with the search engine, convenience for users.

Is it advisable to put multiple breadcrumbs in one page?

How to create WordPress Breadcrumbs

There are two ways to add Breadcrumbs to WordPress, the first way must mention the NavXT plugin and the second way is to use the Yoast SEO plugin.

WordPress Breadcrumb NavXT

The NavXT plugin is conveniently installed via the repository in WordPress. Install and activate Breadcrumbs NavXT .

Create Breadcrumbs with NavXT

Use NavXT to Add Breadcrumbs to WordPress Easily

Breadcrumbs are added via widget. To use it, go to the Appearances tab , open widgets , drop the NavXT widget on the website where you want the WordPress breadcrumb to appear.

Backup your WordPress site before making any major changes and use a child theme if you want to edit the theme file.

When you’re done, you can use this plugin to show breadcrumbs where they’re essential. Specific specifications, moved to the plugin’s settings page.

Transforming breadcrumbs attributes like taxonomies makes breadcrumbs particularly important. Style the WordPress breadcrumb using the particularly important class in the CSS3 sheet.

Add Breadcrumbs with Yoast SEO plugin

Installing the Yoast SEO plugin is the same as any other plugin. Download, set up Yoast SEO plugin and activate the plugin.

Once installed, add the snippet code to your WordPress child theme. It should be placed in single.php, page.php, or header.php, to protect breadcrumbs from appearing on each article, website, and site-wide.

After adding the code, enable breadcrumbs with Yoast SEO by going to Search Appearance > Breadcrumbs 

Instructions on how to add breadcrumbs simply

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Above is the entire knowledge of what breadcrumbs are and how to optimize breadcrumbs effectively. This is an important factor for the success of a website. Hopefully, through this article, you will know how to manipulate Breadcrumbs to increase the competitiveness of your website in the market.

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