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TEACHING GOOGLE “Spell” to better understand WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY

bởi Nguyễn Thành Tiến

“This topic is shared based on the 5+ years of experience of successful Thanh Tien (HeroSEO) projects and those that have failed before.”

Regarding SEO knowledge is vast, really, there is no such thing as a fixed or 100% correct standard, in terms of knowledge or skills, each party will have different standards or ways of doing things. But the ultimate goal is to help the project be WIN, so here the problems shared are the lessons & experiences of each individual.

Note a little more about myself when sharing knowledge is aimed at helping you have a better mindset and development foundation in SEO, so there are many parts that are very clear about the instructions (if any), and there are parts where “I only suggest ideas” but how to execute, each of us should think to have our own way of doing & experimenting, the skill will develop a lot instead of just following the instructions. available stuff.

The general purpose of the group or the individual just wants to contribute the knowledge they have acquired to our community to grow more and more, and then to help Vietnamese SEOer to move into the big sea to compete in a fair game. flat on the global market by the intelligence of Vietnamese people.

Last week, I also shared the “Overall SEO Project Analysis Process” review here , in the content of that article (About Section IV – Anchor text) many SEOers after reading it also exchanged messages with them. Because of this issue because it is essentially an advanced knowledge, you need to study in depth and have a lot of experience in it to see.

For that reason, to better understand, we have a post to share this knowledge “Teaching GOOGLE to spell”, the meaning of the title we want to aim at is “how seoer chooses the game to do & how to play the anchor like that. Which is correct from the beginning of the project”.?

vd demo4Separation of link anchor text types:

In this section, I will divide it into 2 types, anchor_basic & anchor_advanced , there is no specific definition for this part, in fact, due to the implementation process, I feel it is suitable when classifying so will be divided like that. When divided like that, the team members or users who read in will easily understand the content they want to convey.

anchor text basic:

    • internal link
    • external link

Regarding the above two definitions, if you are not clear, you can see it here, in an internal website or external link, it will include 2 basic elements: text & link -> text is called: anchor text.

Considering the nature of external internal links to help your website improve search engine rankings (link score: link strength), another eye will help the google bot know which pages of your website are important and help google understand better. about the content of that article through anchor text.

Once you understand the essence, it will be easier for you in the process of “teaching google to spell” through the anchor text of the internal links you use. Use more precise short or long anchor texts when pointing to landing page content to help improve theme & trust for the entire website. And the same goes for standard external link anchor text.

anchor text advanced:

  • backlink
  • entity link
  • Image anchor
  • Text <div> Html …..

When you read this far, you will understand that, from an in-depth perspective, anchor is not as simple as we often think at first, but it is an in-depth knowledge of “teaching google to spell”.

You may not know that Google Penalties will trigger when you see signs that a website uses abnormal anchor text & links in an attempt to manipulate rankings on the SERPS.

When a website A gets a backlink from website B? Usually google data will match like this:

  • Is website A really trustworthy when getting backlinks, that website B has to link back to it? (TRUST)
  • Is website B a reputable website, specializing in writing content like website A. (THEME)

The problem will usually arise in 2 basic cases:

  • Website A gets backlinks from website B, but website B and website A are not on the same topic. Two more of website B has never mentioned the content topics that website A often talks about.
  • Use precise anchor text with a dense and continuous density for a short period of time.
  • ……

Everywhere, “In Danger, There Is Opportunity – A well-deserved reward for high-quality websites, building great content & using smart anchor text was first released on Another step to reward high- quality sites April 2012

We don’t have to print ourselves on the HeroSEO team, we emphasize 2 keywords for you to see: “good content & smart anchor text”.

2 keywords about anchor “good content & smart anchor text”.

No need to print on their own, HeroSEO team emphasizes 2 keywords “good content & smart anchor text”.

This keyword can be applied to any industry, but the influence will be great for industries with the order of top to bottom as follows:

  • Service (anchor is less so it’s easy to control, so it’s easier to use anchor text on some seo urls).
  • Blog, Share… (more anchor text, balanced anchor text and focused on some main topics).
  • Ecommerce (the number of pages is very large, basic anchor text plays a role in balancing the overall density of the website & using advanced anchor text plays a role in promoting the main seo url.)
Anchor text Ecommerce

Ecommerce, the number of pages is very large, the basic anchor text plays a role in balancing the overall density of the website.

The use of anchor text is so smart if you are not clear, you can read the above section about: basic anchor text so that we can continue on advanced anchor text.

As for the advanced anchor text , I will divide it into 2 groups as follows:

  • group 1: Image anchor & Text <div> Html
  • group 2: backlink & entity link

Group 1: essentially the same as the basic anchor text , but with a different feature in the attribute assignment:

  • Image anchor is alt tag
  • Anchor Text Div is a way to set text for: id & class.
Anchor Text Div is a way to set text for: id & class.

Anchor Text Div is a way to set text for: id & class.

Although it is in the advanced anchor text group , the way you put the image alt tag & the class tag as usual is natural, don’t try to manipulate the seo keyword through this group 1 because the more you manipulate the website, the more restrained. .

The principle here is “teach google to spell, this is a reputable & professional website” by using anchor text as natural as possible.

Group 2 : Decision group:

  • Does keyword rank rank or not?
  • Should Google Penalties Consider Your Website?
  • The identification of seo topics (backlink is the solution to the problem that the website is keyword cannibalization & it is also it that causes a topic to be keyword cannibalization when using the wrong anchor text or confusion).

If you have followed the principle of placing anchor text of the group anchor text basic & anchor text advanced (group 1) , then to anchor text advanced (group 2) , your use of correct anchor text on Guest posts, PR Newspapers… feel a lot lighter & get the maximum strength from placing anchor text backlinks when you have already done well in terms of basic anchor text groups.

How to optimize anchor text?

Some notes for you when using anchor text on the website:

  • Avoid placing text & links to deceive readers. (say 1 thing, do 1 style).
  • Placing anchor text keeps users on the site longer. (use more rel=”noopener” attribute in Linh)
  • Relevance of links to each other.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Diverse list of anchor text on the website
  • Anchor text is limited to long, short will focus more.

Types of Anchor Text & Priority order to “teach google to spell” website:

It is possible that when referring to the content below, there will be many different opinions, so the story here I would like to note is that there is only “suitable or inappropriate, not true or not.” false”, knowledge and experience comes from each person’s personal experience.

But often the knowledge or standards that they give have a basis or specific logics for a problem. The birth of EMD 2012 ( see here ) is even tighter on this issue when the domain contains the keyword seo, also from here we have many good things for the logic.

From the experience of our team, who have successfully implemented many projects, we have summarized the shared experience as follows:

  • 30%: Brand: heroseo, hero seo, HeroSEO, Heroseo, agency heroseo…
  • 30%: Domain names:,,…..
  • 15%: URL: vd:,…
  • 10%: Title on the page: Overall seo service from reputable website keywords Heroseo
  • 8%: Exact match: overall seo service, overall seo service, overall seo service company, heroseo overall seo service….
  • 5%: General: watch now, watch here, reference, read now….
  • 2%: Partial match: Overall seo service from reputable website keywords Heroseo
Experience sharing about a reasonable anchor text density of a website

Experience sharing about a reasonable anchor text density of a website

Surely, when you read this far, you will understand what the sentence “Teaching Google Spelling” is? instead of letting Google re-teach you with penalties or website restraints, then you fix it. Then take the initiative to choose the right game from the beginning & teach google again by showing that your website is a reputable & professional website from the beginning by putting “anchor text”.

This is a really difficult topic to calculate: for both the copywriter & the reader, how can the writer convey all the implied content so that the reader can understand it all, but hopefully when you finish reading it, Do you understand what I’m trying to convey?

If you want to update more knowledge, we can follow & make friends together or join the group to learn & discuss more topics.

Don’t forget ?️to support our HeroSEO team, to produce more quality content sharing.

Thanks Very….!

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