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Overall SEO Project Competitor Analysis Process?

bởi Nguyễn Thành Tiến

In the SEO market, when the competition is higher, the more and more detailed competitor data analysis is, the greater the advantage will be, helping to form & create a better competitive strategy.

“Each party will have its own way of analyzing & doing, in our team, this initial project analysis step is very important, usually it will take 3-5 days to complete the analysis stage, also for that reason. : overall seo service on-top in 2.5 months (from March to May) & maintain to the present” & in addition there are many other examples I will share in the next post.

Therefore, “Competitor’s Seo Data” plays a very important role for a project when it is just starting to deploy. In this story, whoever has more data (Competitor’s data), the success rate of the project will be high. than.
The purpose of analytical work helps to indicate:

  • Your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Estimate materials for the project (content, backlinks …)
  • Calculate the implementation budget & balance the appropriate implementation time
  • In more detail, know the piece of SEO cake the opponent is holding a lot & holding a little.


  • Direct competitors are competitors for the products and services that your side is providing – indirectly, they are only SEO competitors to attract traffic, not for business purposes.

For example: Thegioididong specializes in selling phones and computers, but also writes about “Mother & Baby” products.

  • The market is prioritizing ranking types: ecom, blog, review… , in many special markets each topic will rank according to one type – topic then blogs, topic then product, topic then category…please specify this section exactly. because the implementation of writing content will be different.
  • Research topics that the opponent has not yet exploited (opportunity for you).
  • More advanced, analyze in detail “which piece of SEO pie is the opponent holding a lot & which opponent is holding little, and specifically how the ratio is being divided -> from that, it can be determined that in each small topic, the opponent is ai , support for more accurate onpage & offpage deployment. (photo number 2)
  • Study the web structure of your competitors to know how they are arranging the 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor structure… from there to form the right structure for your website. (photo number 3)
photo 1 - overall seo analysis

photo 1 – overall seo analysis

photo 2 - overall seo analysis

photo 2 – overall seo analysis


  • Initial competitor overview analysis data helps you understand the level of competition & potential opportunities in the industry.
  • Usually analytical data indicators are based on Tool Ahref , important data need to be noted such as:
    • DR & UR
    • Organic Keywords
    • Organic Traffic
    • Referring Domain
    • Total Backlink
    • Featured Snippets Rate (photo number 4+6)

=> How to analyze Ahref -> Batch Analysis -> Export Competitor Data. (photo number 5)

photo 3 - overall seo analysis

photo 3 – overall seo analysis

photo 4 - overall seo analysis

photo 4 – overall seo analysis

photo 6 - overall seo analysis

photo 6 – overall seo analysis


  • Identify your competitors’ top-pages & reorder them so you can better understand which competitor’s pages are the strongest and have the most organic traffic.
  • This makes it easy for you to in-depth analysis of relevant factors about your competitors’ content to better understand the content of this industry market:
    • How to arrange & layout the content on those top-pages.
    • Capture the flow of content deployment & the number of articles that the opponent builds Standards of content articles in terms of: number of words, depth, how to use images, videos in articles …. -> for you to make a reference for your website content.
photo 7 - overall seo analysis

photo 7 – overall seo analysis

Above we mentioned the number of articles for a website, this part is very important you imagine such as: “a car is running but lacks a link, the car can still run at first but it takes a long time. It’s hard to be long.” (photo number 7)


  • Building the entity for the brand from the beginning of the project is very important, but it is better to implement the backlink from the beginning to build the entity with more trust.
  • Analyze the competitor’s backlink growth rate, assuming January: 6k backlinks, December: 13k backlinks => (13k – 6k)/12 months = 583. => 583: is the number of backlinks in 1 month of your website should deploy, to compete with competitors. (eg reference nature & need to be analyzed more carefully, because there are many cases of spam backlinks & dirty backlinks too).
  • What is the competitor’s linkout/article ratio doing? Linkout used correctly and enough is good, but implementation without control calculation affects the trust of the site, so the above formula helps you estimate how many linkouts should be used / number of articles.
  • Looking for opportunities in the competitor backlink system, in fact there are many completely free quality backlinks in your field but we do not know, In this analysis step you need to carefully check your competitors to see if there are any good ones. Are there any free backlink sources for your website? Usually the source of free backlinks will be from: social, web 2.0, web app…
  • How to use anchor text at each stage & time, highly competitive keywords need to analyze this factor. Kind of like letting you know what anchor text the first month will use, what anchor text will be used in the following months… like that.
photo 8 - overall seo analysis

photo 8 – overall seo analysis


The above analysis data will help your side to better understand the resources & quantity that competitors have used for the project so far, easy for project budget estimation & planning execution plan.

Finally, to the stage of implementation & performance measurement, it is not 100% sure that the project will succeed, but “Success in preparation is preparation for success” . ?
Good luck!

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