Trang chủ Content SEO What is standard SEO content? A detailed guide to writing standard SEO content

What is standard SEO content? A detailed guide to writing standard SEO content

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Content SEO plays an important role in content marketing. Through optimized content, your website can connect with potential customers more easily. In this article, HeroSEO will help you understand the concept of standard SEO content as well as the most detailed and easy-to-understand SEO content writing guide !

How to write detailed SEO standard articles

A detailed and easy-to-understand guide to writing standard SEO content

What is standard SEO content?

To come to the content of specific SEO content writing guidelines, you first need to understand the concept of standard SEO content.

In fact, SEO standard content is simply understood as high-quality content that provides useful information and solves the problems that users are facing. Content SEO standards need to be applied SEO standards, thereby increasing the ability to rank high on the Google search engine.

Standard SEO content provides useful content for users and Google

SEO-standard content is articles that provide useful content and meet Google’s set of SEO standards

Google’s set of SEO standards covers a wide range of factors. However, at the level of writing standard SEO content, readers only need to care about a few factors as follows:

  • Length of post
  • Keyword density
  • The position of the keyword appears on the Meta Description tag, the introduction (sapo), title, …
  • The uniqueness of the article
  • Photos and videos

Although it is necessary to adhere to technical SEO factors, the main purpose of standard SEO content is still to serve people. Therefore, you should not only focus on meeting technical SEO standards but neglect the depth of the article. How to create content that is both in-depth and useful for users while satisfying technical SEO criteria is something that businesses need to pay special attention to.

Benefits of SEO Standard Content

One of the important factors in the process of guiding SEO content writing is the benefit of SEO standard content. Once you have grasped the outstanding benefits of standard SEO content, you will definitely implement better articles.

Accordingly, Content SEO now plays a very important role in Content Marketing in general. Not only saving costs but also increasing brand awareness as well as sales revenue of the business.

  • Standard SEO content contributes to bringing your website to the top of search, attracting a large and natural traffic.
  • Standard SEO content reaches the right target audience that businesses target, provides useful information and solves the problems they face. This is an important factor that helps increase the conversion rate from potential customers to real customers.
  • Thanks to the quality provided content, meeting SEO factors, SEO standard content helps businesses’ websites to be friendly with Google’s search engine, contributing to creating a competitive advantage over competitors.
The benefits of standard SEO content

Content SEO brings a lot of benefits to businesses

Guidelines for writing standard SEO content: 7 implementation steps you should know

For beginners to learn about SEO, standard SEO content is often difficult to implement methodically. In order to help readers have the right direction, here HeroSEO will guide to write standard SEO content in the most detailed and easy to understand way with 7 basic steps.

Identify the topic of the article

The topic is considered a right orientation to bring your website to the top of search effectively.

However, not every theme can deploy and attract massive traffic. If the topic of the article is an issue that does not receive much attention from users, then even if the article is well optimized, even at the top of the search, the traffic will be very low. So the most important thing in the first step in the process of writing standard SEO content is to find topics related to the products and services that the business is providing.

To properly determine the topic of the standard SEO article, readers can refer to the following ideas:

  • Portrait of the target customer of the business
  • What products and services do you offer that are superior to your competitors?
  • What are your target customers interested in buying and using your products or services? Price, quality, incentives, brand reputation,…
The first step in how to write standard SEO articles is to determine the article topic

Identify the topic of the article

Keyword research

Keywords are an important factor in the process of writing standard SEO content.

Keywords are usually phrases that are often searched by users on the Google search engine, in order to solve the problems they are facing. This is considered a link that helps users find the website of the business and the business.

Businesses need to select a list of the most valuable keywords, often those that are of interest to users. This will make your website more accessible to potential customers. This keyword list requires a detailed implementation plan.

Currently, there are many different keyword research methods, of which the most prominent are tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Google Trends, …

SEO keyword research and planning

Keyword research and planning

Layout for standard SEO content articles

In fact, the structure of the article is very important. You need to arrange the content in the article in a clear and coherent way so that users can grasp the important ideas. This will help users be more selective and find the information they are looking for.

It should be noted that, structuring the article as detailed as possible, should usually include the title, headings and sub-points, avoiding the situation of writing asynchronously or not knowing what to write next.

For example, the keyword “Dalat travel experience” should include the following main ideas:

  • Places to visit in Da Lat
  • The ideal time to travel to Dalat
  • Transport
  • Experience in booking hotels and homestays when traveling to Dalat
  • Average cost of traveling to Dalat

Determine the number of words for standard SEO articles

The number of words is also an important factor in the guide to writing standard SEO content. Normally, article search engines will not appreciate articles with too little or too long, redundant text.

Accordingly, the best number of words is not too long, nor too short, but must fit and meet the needs of the user. However, standard SEO content needs to be over 500 words, the ideal number of words is about 1500-2000.

Pay attention to the number of words in the standard SEO article

Number of words in the article

Conduct SEO standard content writing

After you have structured the article, the next step is to write the content. In this step, there are some rules you need to follow, specifically:

  • Optimize the Meta description tag in about 140 characters and contain the main keyword.
  • Optimizing the Heading 1 (title) tag is short, contains keywords and must attract readers
  • Optimizing the Heading 2, Heading 3, Heading 4 tags,… These tags often contain the main keyword, secondary keyword or related phrases.
  • Write content and distribute keywords into the article appropriately. Avoid stuffing keywords in a certain position in the article. Usually the right keyword density is between 3-5%.
  • Set internal links (internal links) and external links (links outside the website)

Additions and corrections

After finishing the article, you need to re-read it a few times. This will help you to detect common errors such as spelling, expression errors, and lack of ideas, thereby making corrections and additions. This step is relatively important because if the article is well-organized, the user experience will also be better.

Proceed to add photos and videos

Images and videos are also content. So in standard SEO content, you also need to optimize these two factors into the article.

Regarding images, you should use copyrighted images or take them yourself, resize them, and redesign them to your liking. Then insert in the most suitable positions in the post. Each photo has a short description below. Meanwhile, you can post a standalone video or post it on Youtube and then embed it in your post.

Do not forget to add images and videos to the article content

Proceed to insert images and videos into the article

Tips for implementing effective SEO content articles

The last but not least important content in the guide to writing standard SEO content that HeroSEO wants to share with you is the effective article implementation tips. Usually, writing standard SEO content is not only writing but also involving many different factors.

Meta Description tag (description tag)

The description tag is a short paragraph that summarizes the content of the entire article and is usually located under the title on the Google search results page. Accordingly, this is one of the criteria of technical SEO you need to optimize:

  • Meta Description should be about 140 characters
  • Meta Description succinctly summarizes the article and should target the user’s search.
  • Meta Description must contain 1 main keyword.

SEO standard images

In the process of writing standard SEO content, images are definitely indispensable. Images help readers visually visualize the content they are reading as well as avoid boredom when reading a text that is too long.

Therefore, standard SEO images should be of appropriate size, intuitive, vivid and must meet the following criteria:

  • Should insert the brand’s logo into the image to make a difference
  • Images should have a brief description
  • SEO standard images also need to have a name. And the name of the image is usually set according to the formula that contains the keyword, no special characters, no accents and a dash between the letters.
  • The image size is optimized to be small to increase the bandwidth for the website
  • SEO standard images must have Alt . images

Conduct URL Optimization (Friendly URLs)

Friendly URLs not only help Google and other search engines crawl, index, and refer readers, but also improve user experience and efficient navigation. Therefore, make sure that the URL of the article is short and easy to understand.

SEO Standard URL Optimization

Optimizing URLs to be friendly to Google’s search engine and user experience

Link Building

When building links for standard SEO articles, you also need to keep these important points in mind:

  • Link to articles with related content on reputable and famous websites such as Wiki.
  • Set a friendly, short URL, not more than 3 subfolders for an article’s URL.
  • Use text link or anchor text to navigate to the landing page.

It can be said that content SEO is an important part of Content Marketing. This is considered an important bridge between potential customers and the website of the business. With content SEO, your website SEO campaigns are also easier to succeed. Hopefully, through this article on writing SEO standard content, readers can know how to write an SEO standard content article for your website.

If your business website is still having difficulty implementing SEO content but other related SEO services, do not hesitate to contact HeroSEO Overall SEO Services company, a unit specializing in providing SEO services. providing and implementing reputable SEO services today. With a professional technical and content team, with a lot of experience in different fields and industries, we are committed to bringing your business the most sustainable values.

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