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You will often hear me share a lot of project success case articles, but failures have not been shared yet, this article I will share the experience of a project administrator for you.

Failure is a good experience, and success is only the end result of trials.


Many projects are planning and implementing, all of them have to be in the Top 1 – 3 & Traffic is 50k – 100k, but the reality is far different from the expectation.

  • The staff is not enough to deploy
  • Want to do a lot but the cost must be low
  • The cost of self-implementation of SEO will usually increase by 10% – 20% compared to the original plan, not to mention the cost increase according to the market. (depending on the ability to manage each team)
  • The team work department does not coordinate well when the workload is large, often being messed up here and there, leading to the final quality is not guaranteed.
  • Items in the deployment process are spread out and cannot match each other
  • “If you want to be fast, you have to go slowly”, this sentence is very true – because SEO is a long-term battle. Too fast is not good, but too slow is not good.
  • The factor of market size & market share is that the administrator needs to study and calculate.

The majority of client-side SEO Fail projects are faced with this situation, leading to an unsatisfactory end result and a lost opportunity cost.


In the article I shared about “SEO Process”, you must understand that these jobs have a very close connection with each other.

You imagine SEO like building a house, how to build a house, SEO is the same. You have to build from the foundation to the roof, “who has never built a roof before doing the foundation of a house”.

When pouring the foundation of the house, it is necessary to have enough materials: bricks, cement, iron, steel … then proceed to pour concrete, but without one of those things, it is not good.

SEO is so true that for a job to be complete, every element inside it should be fully completed to produce the best quality product.

The work in the SEO process needs good coordination of the departments in which: Design, Dev, Content, Technical.

One part is delayed/stopped leading to the whole rear set being stopped, so in an SEO project, to ensure success, there must always be a

“Team Leader has management experience and knows how to coordinate between teams” .

So in a project, there must always be 2 key parts as follows: Content Leader & SEO Leader to take care of the project.


Google Penalty is basically understood as the penalty of google, because the website violates the standards or policies of google.

Websites are penalized by google for many different reasons: crawling content, malicious websites, spam backlinks, etc. Depending on the severity / lightness of the problem, the level of impact will also be different.

In the process of SEO, many cases of backlink building have no principles and go backlinks according to the inspiration of “like to go, go” and then “the website goes is always real” .

So to eliminate the risk, you should check the website’s history carefully to see how the history of traffic increases / decreases on semrush, ahrefs measurement tools. Be careful at this stage when starting the project.

The case of the website entering the google blacklist is also a bit rare, but I note it for you to have more knowledge.

Free check from google:


Many clients and agencies are involved in this case due to the wrong SEO strategy from the beginning, the whole project is wrong. (I have encountered a few cases)

In some less competitive industries, it’s okay for you not to encounter, but if you are in the big data SEO Ecommerce market of 2k – 4k products and the YMYL SEO that we are implementing, it’s really difficult.

?The problem of SEO Ecommerce big data with several thousand products is a story that is not easy to control the overall quality of the entire website, but if you cannot control the quality, you have no door to go to the top with dienmayxanh, thegioididong Where’s the ftp? In a few video videos, I have shared some case studies where I competed for SEO-Ecommerce with Dienmayxanh / TGDD you want to refer to, I will share that video again. If the experience is solid, you can completely bring that cool thing to the Global market “simply because it is of a high standard”.

?For the YMYL market, which is basically SEO in the financial / medical / health field… , my team has also been ranked #1 in the “weight loss pill” or financial field before, so I understand the difficulty of the market. How is it “the story is not going to happen overnight”. I SEO #1 “overall seo service” & “weight loss pill” are two completely different problems, overall seo service can use user traffic to go up, but for weight loss pills, the story is different. It is not easy if the literal and figurative expertise is not done well.

Therefore, in case of encountering projects in these industries, it is necessary to analyze and calculate really carefully, to avoid the project not achieving the desired results.


In the process of implementation, competition is inevitable, many SEO industries compete unfairly with your website.

? Website can be compromised, dmca report, spam content, spam traffic, spam backlink … each spam method has a different implementation but the common goal is to make the opponent have no chance to compete, saying that but all are have a plan to handle important things you need to recognize to handle promptly.

So in addition to the SEO knowledge I often learn, you should be equipped with more knowledge of handling risks in the process of implementing SEO, you are great. Is there any other experience you can contribute in this article.

Good luck!


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