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[Case study: building materials & furniture ]

Hi, I myself have gone through 5+ years of experience in the SEO industry & have succeeded in many different projects in many industries and fields, but perhaps the projects that I am most happy about – are the difficult ones. and can do many new things successfully for customers.

This article I feel ” you are really lucky to read this and I am also really lucky to have the opportunity to share this case study with you”. Because if the project fails and the implementation is successful, there will be no sharing article for us to learn together.

It is really “beyond what SEOer usually does, one day to survive – SEOer himself must develop more and more expertise & skills to contribute to the overall development of the business. “.

In the period of 2020-2021, when the covid epidemic broke out heavily, every industry was under economic pressure. The fact that an SEOer at that stage had a job was already a difficult story, let alone the “development” story; That period is a golden opportunity for me to develop my expertise as well as my own experience.

Lucky to have the opportunity to implement Overall SEO for Green House Materials with the attitude of “bringing all skills and experience to accompany the development of the business during that difficult period”.

For the same reason, the overall SEO of that period was redefined as:

  • SEO Youtube
  • SEO Maps
  • SEO Website

Wishing that “businesses develop sustainably and do not depend on any one channel; overall parallel SEO support across channels” ;

Coming up with the idea of ​​doing it was difficult, then it was more difficult to do it and to get the result was a “lucky” thing, but in the end, our team succeeded and did it.

I. Achievements:

  • SEO Website:
    • Achieve 150% of the set KPI (because all keywords are in the top 1-3).
    • Commitment: Top 3, Top 5.
  • SEO Youtube: 3K Follow & 410,062 views.
  • SEO Maps Key Keyword in HCMC

Experience in this implementation process, I also applied the same to the old team before & now, the results are still very good:

  • Top 1 – 3: interior design, interior design in HCMC…..

To prove it to you: here is the overall SEO experience & sustainability over time for the business.

photo 1

photo 1

photo 2

photo 2

photo 3

photo 3

4 . photo

4 . photo

photo 5

photo 5


The two websites are different, but we will both include them in this article, because the implementation is similar and not too different.

Project of building materials:

Project commitment:

  • top 3: 35%
  • top 5: 60%
  • top 10: 80%

=> In order to bring good effect to customers in terms of conversion; so we will also offer customers with high budgets to compete for the top 1 – 3 positions.

Initial project status:

  • Stick with malicious code
  • Have done SEO before
  • Backlink gov comments ; text link ; Spam backlinks (many number & backlinks are not valid about theme and trust)
  • Website structure is not standard; content seo has written but does not meet the criteria ; There is no supporting content for the main seo topic.

Approach plan

Project challenge

  • Website is infected with malicious code and is being sandboxed by google
  • The customer’s brand has duplicate maps and entities with other competitors.
  • Competitors mainly rank all blogs ; but my website is E-Commerce.

-> more difficult in the analysis process to determine the intent of the keyword set.

Competitor analysis

  • Each competitive topic has 1 keyword domain
  • The websites on the top are all satellite websites in the same system
  • Backlinks to top strong websites: big newspapers; guest posts; satellite backlink system.
  • The SEO & Content SEO platform of the competition does a pretty standard job only ; Full seo topic from top to bottom.
seo analysis hd video:

Analyze & optimize conversions

  • Customers sell by wholesale, retail, project works?
  • Is user behavior to convert to customers fast or slow? Customers need to provide more information or less information?
  • What do customers care most about buying? “brand, price, convenience, after-sales service…”. ?
  • What topics need to be optimized for conversions according to “Customer journey – customer journey map” to help calculate the conversion rate directly on the pages.
  • Optimize Ux Ui & call-to-action to optimize conversion rate
    • bottom-maps: make it easy for nearby customers to move to
    • bottom-zalo: for customers who need a bulk quote, discount –
    • bottom-call now: for customers who want to buy quickly & do it quickly.
  • Attach the Tracking code to track customer behavior and needs.
  • SEO youtube & lead customers from youtube channel to website to do conversion.

IV. Overall website audit:


  • Redo the new website according to the checklist of work goals below.


  • My team uses google analytic and google search console to export traffic data, click rate, and rank that the urls have.
  • Filter out URLs with thin content for additional audits or duplicate content posts for removal.


  • Check dirty backlinks, spam backlinks and proceed to remove or disavow backlinks


  • Check the resources on the customer entity stage that have been deployed & have not yet been deployed for the team to supplement.


1/ Developing Youtube SEO

  • On the side of our team, we research and plan to develop youtube channels for customers.
  • Set standards for content to help optimize SEO & drive conversions from youtube channel videos.
  • Optimizing Onpage & Offpage SEO for videos customers have previously and posted, helping to pull the top on youtube channel.
  • Write descriptive content for the video to help lead customers from the youtube channel to the website or zalo.
  • Setup video posting schedule for customers & guide the in-house team to proactively optimize.
  • Advanced implementation helps videos to be on the top and seo for keywords on youtube.

2/ Developing SEO LOCAL MAPS

  • This is a broad topic and cannot be covered in this article, for SEO it is very important – plays a perfect role for your overall SEO campaign.

The maps we implement for our customers all get good results on google & bring high conversion rates – this section has metrics.

Video hd seo local maps:



Our team accepts to make websites for customers to ensure the standard from a – z from the very beginning.

=> the team doesn’t waste time detecting malicious code anymore; but make a new website directly for customers.

  • Process data from old website -> transfer data to new website.
  • Standardize Ux Ui Website suitable for industry and market.
  • Normalize schema
  • Checklist tiêu chuẩn tối ưu technical: Title, Meta SEO, Robots.txt, Sitemap, Meta tag responsive, Page speed, Mobile SEO Audit, Heading, Page Depth…

Video hd schema:

Website structure

At that time, I started to receive projects that rival markets were ranked in the form of “blogs, pages”, but I still chose “SEO Website in the form of Ecommerce”.

Why don’t I choose to follow the crowd? which goes its own way:

  • The website I received SEO for before has already made an ecommerce website, so changing to a blog website takes time for the google bot to recognize.
  • Analyze the websites of companies, which their customers are distributing to see what kind of websites they build.
  • I also analyze more data from global to get more data for the analysis, because basically global they have prepared & are many years ahead of me.

From the above experience, I draw the following conclusions:

  • There is no standard and methodical ecommerce website to reshape the theme according to the market, which must be seo e-commerce.
  • e-commerce brings advantages to customers in terms of conversions & clear information for users.

=> Choose SEO E-commerce full for topics & parallel SEO Blogs for other topics.


A good foundation creates a premise for long-term website growth, the entity plays a role in helping you deploy backlinks more effectively and minimize penalties from google.

  • Social stack brand and author
  • Schema person and author
  • Google Cloud Stack
  • Google CH PLAY
  • Big Newspaper PR
  • Google My Maps & Youtube
  • …….

There are many other jobs you will need to build, but if you can standardize these factors, SEO implementation will feel a little easier.

You can message me more about these issues if you are not sure how to implement!


According to the AIDA funnel model, we focus on the group of keywords that bring high conversions for customers, such as keywords related to “buy ; price ; where ; Cheap ; address ; construction…” .

Topic content that brings high conversions: (priority 1)

  • buy poly sheet in tphcm
  • construction of poly sheet
  • address to sell alu sheet
  • buy insulation panels in HCMC (at the time of hot weather, high demand)
  • …………

Similarly, our team writes fully for other seo topics; “alu sheet, plexiglass; plastic curtain…” This forms a unified overall cluster from top to bottom – according to the customer’s search journey.

Topic content category and product will run in parallel: (priority 2)

List seo categories & child products of those seo categories; to proceed to outline and write detailed content to ensure SEO standards for the project.

Topic content that brings traffic: (priority 3)

The topics on our side will exploit more to pull more traffic & trust for the website: structure, color palette, comparison, evaluation, should…

For these objects, most are just looking for information, not buying behavior – but experience to make good conversions for these user objects, you need to have many layers of filtering to lead customers, part of the assessment. price who is really in demand for his product. (Picture)

Video tutorial for reseach & key group:

Onpage SEO

In the construction & design industries or building materials; weight of content , onpage accounts for 70% of the project’s success rate.

The factors I will focus on for example:

  • high standard images & quality ; limit the use of external h/a because it needs to be practical.
  • The advantage of videos from youtube channels that have been prepared in advance on our side is to use and bring over for seo topics.
  • Using ( helps to analyze more about Semantic & LSI keywords to help google appreciate the quality of your article more.

Internal link & Outlink:

  • Internal linking plays the role of helping the website form clusters of close links and create the power of the topic cluster.
  • How to implement internal linking you don’t need to be too complicated if not clear, simple implementation “go interlink from top to bottom & internal link peer clusters together” to create a linking topic with consistency throughout.
  • If there is an incoming link , the website also needs to have an outgoing link to create a balance for the website, do you think when a website only receives but does not give? but “must know how to give at the right time – in the right place – at the right time”.


  • Backlink plays an important role to help compete in difficult seo topics, but not so that you abuse the implementation – this often has the opposite effect on the project.
  • Several types of backlinks you can implement for URL SEO: guest post, newspaper, textlink, gov.

The use of backlinks in SEO is like a double-edged sword, knowing how to use it is very powerful, but vice versa, it will be very risky, so it is necessary to consult before implementation. If you want to be sure in your SEO process is sustainable without risk when implementing backlinks, focus on the main weights: seo platform, entity, content & parallel that is backlink.

SEO Interior Design & Construction Industry:

This industry is competitive enough, so there is no need to analyze much, based on the experience that I deploy, 2 things are required: a good budget & a clear and methodical implementation process according to each roadmap.

  • Focus on good SEO foundation
  • Build standard entity & really trust right from the beginning
  • Invest in big newspapers, most of the top competitors have covered them all.
  • At the same time, you should synthesize strong Guest Post resources in the industry to use when needed.
  • Image plays a very important role: image of personnel, construction team, actual construction image.
  • The element of detailed content, SEO standards and extensive content writing about construction projects for customers plays a role in building the trust factor.
  • In this market, most of the content is written in full supporting topics above and below, your work must be similar.

Much of this is really useful and detailed knowledge that I give you from my actual experience; In addition, there are many other fields that have been successful on our side, such as technology, electronics, equipment, healthcare, education, etc. that I was able to do.

We will continue to share in the following posts, so that we don’t miss any posts, we can make friends.


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